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    middles for Our Baby (Maybe) Boy

    We've got an awesome (in our opinion) top 5 for Baby, if it is a boy (or for any future baby boy for that matter). And now the hard work with middles start... We've got a few we love, but if you've got any fantastically amazing names in mind, please feel free to tell us OR make an amazing combo. We have some ideas for combos we quite like, but would love your input and ideas since you're all brilliant.

    Our first names are: Endymion, Faramir, Gawain, Herne and Orpheus.

    Alaric (king of the visigoths)
    Aldaron ("lord of the trees, great huntsman (Tolkien)
    Artegal (the personification and champion of justice in TFQ)
    Calidore (the kinight of courtesy in TFQ)
    Cambell (a knight of friendship in TFQ)
    Eldarion (Arwen and Aragron's son (Tolkien))
    Elessar (another name for Aragorn (Tolkien))
    Guyon (the knight of temperance in TFQ)
    Haldir (an awesome elf (Tolkien))
    Hector (Trojan prince in greek mythology)
    Hylas (a beautiful young man "abducted" by nymphs in greek mythology)
    Isidore ("gift of Isis")
    Lohengrin/Lorengel (a knight in arthurian legend (german version))
    Lórien (master of visions and dreams (Tolkien))
    Marinell (the knight of the sea in TFQ, son of a water nymph which is amazing)
    Okkervil (a river in Russia)
    Orion (hunter in greek mythology)
    Remiel (archangel)
    Scudamour (character in TFQ, means "shield of love")
    Serafim (seraph is a celestial being)
    Snowdon (beautiful mountain in Wales)
    Strider (another name for Aragorn (Tolkien))
    Theron ("hunter" or "wild animal")
    Triamond (a knight of friendship in TFQ)
    Westernesse (another name for Númenor, realm in Middle Earth (Tolkien))

    TFQ = The Faerie Queen

    Thank you!
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