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  • Scarlett Christina Scott

    23 21.70%
  • Harper Christina Scott

    17 16.04%
  • Emma Christina Scott

    32 30.19%
  • Aria Christina Scott

    20 18.87%
  • Willow Christina Scott

    34 32.08%
  • Juliet Christina Scott

    23 21.70%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Scarlett Scott is a bit much, and I wouldn't pair a surname given name like Harper with a surname like Scott, which can also be used as a first name. Emma and Aria are both nice names, but I'm not a fan of either paired with Christina due to both names ending with "a". So my favorites for you are Willow and Juliet, giving a slight edge to Willow since Juliet Scott is a bit heavy on the "t" sounds at the end of each name.

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    You have some nice choices in your list. Here are some thoughts:
    Scarlett Christina Scott -too matchy imo
    Harper Christina Scott - Hearper is the family name of the current Canadian prime-minister, so it's really not a little girl's name for me
    Emma Christina Scott -pretty, but I would prefer if the first name didn't have the same ending as the middle name
    Aria Christina Scott -Even prettier than Emma, but, again, I prefer when the first name doesn't have the same ending as the mn
    Willow Christina Scott -cute & pretty & has the best flow of all your options
    Juliet Christina Scott -you've saved the best for last! Juliet Christina is cute, pretty, stylish, classic, & it suits both a little girl & an adult professional.
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    Emma Christina sounds the best to me.

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    slavicforbutterfly Guest
    Personally, I love alliteration in names. I have a few children with alliterative names in my class right now (think: Grant Gerhardt, Conor Clarkson, etc). Scarlett Scott sounds great to me! You can't go wrong with Emma Scott or Juliet Scott. Both of those are wonderful options, as well.

    Best of luck!

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    I think Scarlett, Emma and Willow flow best with Christina! All are beautiful names!

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