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  • Scarlett Christina Scott

    23 21.70%
  • Harper Christina Scott

    17 16.04%
  • Emma Christina Scott

    32 30.19%
  • Aria Christina Scott

    20 18.87%
  • Willow Christina Scott

    34 32.08%
  • Juliet Christina Scott

    23 21.70%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I voted for Emma based on flow. I also love the name Emma. It's a bit popular I know but it's classic so it should never become dated. Willow and Harper are also nice and have good flow but on their own they don't match up to Emma (in my opinion). I love the name Scarlett and if it's your number 1 name I say for it. The alliteration might put me off a little if it were my own child, but on the other hand it might be cute! Have you ever considered Charlotte? Again, popular I know.. but it's similar to Scarlett in sound and style, without the double"Sc" issue! Charlotte Christina Scott.. just a thought

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    I like the flow of Emma Christina Scott.
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    Scarlott or Juliet are my fave!
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    I voted for Aria! Both my first and middle name end in an "ah" sound and I love it. It flows nicely and imo it sounds elegant. I love Aria to begin with, but paired up with Christina, I like it even more. Aria Christina sounds memorable and lovely. I wouldn't worry about the pronunciation issues with Aria, I think people over estimate how problematic it can be.

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    I voted for Willow Christina Scott and would have vote for Aria second. I think with such a first-namey last name and a beautiful and classic middle like Christina you can afford to go a little out of the box and whimsical. I think Willow Scott would be beautiful. (I prefer Willow over Aria because Scott is short and Aria Scott in just a very short name without the Christina. For me it feels like a few letters are missing to round out the flow of the name).
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