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  • Camilla

    20 31.75%
  • Amelia

    32 50.79%
  • Emilia

    11 17.46%
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Thread: Which one?

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    Which one?

    I have one last spot on my list and I cannot decide between Camilla, Amelia and Emilia, they are just too similar to me to keep the all but I cannot decide between them. Which do you like better and why?

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    Amelia. I think it's the prettiest of the three, and it's got something the other two lack. I like Camilla too, but I knew this horrible girl at school named this, and she's the face I see when I hear the name. Emilia is blah (I like Emilie and Emiliana though).
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    I voted for Camilla. It's not a name I see very often. I feel like Amelia and Emilia are everywhere.
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    Camilla is gorgeous! My pick.

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    I've always loved Camilla, it's an awesome name that is a little less common than the others.
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