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    How many weeks pregnant when regular clothes did not fit?

    Hi everyone!
    how long after birth did you fit into regular pre-pregnancy clothes again? Any idea?

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    About a week! I was lucky!
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    I was in my regular clothes with the addition of a bella band until my 3rd trimester, but I'm tall and showed really late, so that had something to do with it.

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    a week? jazz1509- yeah you were super lucky! I gained 36 lbs with my son(size 4 120 lbs. before) and it took me about 6 months to fit back into my 4's and get back to about 123. The worst part about pregnancy/having kids in my opinion. I had to diet and work out consistently for about half of the 6 months to make that happen. I look close to my pre-pregnancy figure now but baby #2 is on the way so good-bye figure, lol! When you go from being a size 2-4 and never watching what you to eat to being a size 10-12 for a good 3 months and feeling like you have to watch your food, it is quite depressing! I'm thankful I got back down though.

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    I was so bloated from about weeks 7-10 that I wore a belly band with my jeans. Once the bloating went down, I'd say I was able to wear regular clothes until about 13 weeks before it got uncomfortable.

    ETA: Wait, I'm confused. I was answering the question in the subject line. I was back in pre-preg clothes around 2 months after DD was born. Breastfeeding and forgetting to eat help speed that along.
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