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    ASHER...For a girl~Discussion of the Day (by name-guru)

    Hello berries!

    Today's name is Asher! What are your thoughts on the name Asher for a girl? Do you prefer it as Asha or any other variation? Do you think it sounds too much of a boys name? What does it remind you of? Do you know of any girl Asher's? What are your favourite pronunciations, variations middle names and close names?

    Let's get discussing!

    name-guru x

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    I think it could work, though I would not use it. I love it as a boy name too much! I remember a few months back someone asked what people thought about using it on a boy and tons of people were ripping her to shreds for it.

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    At this rate Nameberry should start a message board for "[insert boys' name here] on a girl?!" I don't think this is even the first time Asher has been mooted as a girls' name. Second verse, same as the first: Elliot, James, Carter, George, Butch, Rambo, and, yes, Asher, are boys' names. Using these names on a girl is exactly as ridiculous as naming a boy Jane, Emily, Maria, Lily, or Isabel. And if you would use a boys' name on a girl but not a girls' name on a boy, please stop for a moment and ask yourself why. (Hint: internalized misogyny might have something to do with it!)

    Asher on a girl: No. Asha on a girl: Yes.
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    I love Asher for a boy. Or just Ash.

    I love Asha and Aisling (pr. ash-ling) for a girl, but they have different backgrounds from each other and from Asher as well. I don't tend to think of Asher/Asha as interchangeable.

    I don't like Ashley as much for a boy as much as Ash/Asher or for a girl as much as Asha or Aisling. I think I'm just a bit burnt out on -leys.

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    No. And I'll tell you why:

    Some parents like softer sounds for their sons. Some parents like named that are slightly feminine sounding.
    Some parents like the name Ashley, which was legitimately male, but then it started to be used on girls, and it spiked a massive trend. Then it was the number one girls name in America. Then it became unaccepted to name your son Ashley, even though it was a male name.
    And then many parents have had gloss over a lovely name for their son because he would be ridiculed, and teased, and they'd receive massive amounts of side eye for it.

    And then they turned to other Ash names. Asher being one of them.
    And then balance was returned, some what.

    And if Asher begins to go to the girls, then there will be one less lovely Ash names left for a boy to have without issue.

    It is a BOYS name for a reason. I do not agree with it being used on girls, ever. Leave it alone, there are several wonderful girls names to choose from, Asher doesn't need to be an option, and it really isn't.
    Use Ashley instead and nickname her Asher if you're that set on it.

    Boys names on girls cause issues on paper, and it's tiresome. I don't view it as progressive, I view it as incredibly regressive.
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