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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Question: have their been plagues of zombies near your home recently? Local teenagers transforming into fearsome beasts by the light of the full moon? Are you living in a cannibalistic postapocalyptic shadow world where only the strongest survive?

    If not, then I think it's cute, and I'm not able to follow your mom's reasoning at all.
    Oh my gosh! I can't stop laughing!!!

    Blade is right, the reasoning is confusing!
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    I agree with blade (and laughed quite a bit at that post!) and the others, there's no logic to what she's saying. Animals would be able to smell the difference anyway...

    I've bought bunny, bear and owl hats for my baby, as well as bunny and bear outfits. I think babies dressed in animal outfits are adorable!

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    @grackym are feetie pajamas, diapers, onsies, and bibs also demeaning? As an adult I wouldn't want to dress in any of those things.

    I think cute puppy hats and bear suits are beyond adorable.

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    Um, people dress their kids up as animals all the time, it's called HALLOWEEN! lol

    Your mom is overreacting, there is nothing wrong with dressing your kid up as a puppy or even a rabbit. It's not like your using the baby for target practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grackym View Post
    Ok, I do disagree with your mother. Dressing your child as a puppy would not make them prey!
    But I do think its a little demeaning to the child, would an adult liked to be forced into a puppy outfit? Just a thought. Yes it can be cute, but I honestly think its tacky unless for a dress up party or something
    To be fair, I have seen teenagers and even adult women wearing hats that looked like animals. So while not every adult wants to dress like a puppy, apparently some of them do.

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