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    babies dressed as animals

    My mom and I were browsing in a baby store today and I was looking at this hat that looked like a puppy. My thoughts are that if a baby's cute and a puppy's cute, a baby dressed as a puppy is doubly cute. My mom didn't like it because she doesn't like the idea of dressing him to look like prey. Now, I had no intentions of wrapping him in rabbit fur and throwing him in a den of wolves, and I feel pretty confident that there aren't going to be predators trying to steal him out of the house, the car, or anywhere else he would reasonably be found. I don't even know any dogs that will be in close enough proximity to him to be a problem. So does she have a point or is she over-reacting?

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    Question: have their been plagues of zombies near your home recently? Local teenagers transforming into fearsome beasts by the light of the full moon? Are you living in a cannibalistic postapocalyptic shadow world where only the strongest survive?

    If not, then I think it's cute, and I'm not able to follow your mom's reasoning at all.
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    She's definitely over-reacting. It's not like a predatory animal is going to swoop in and steal your baby to eat because you dressed him in a cute outfit.

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    Blades comment made me lol! Your mom spuds like a funny lady. I can't even begin to understand her reasoning. But I want to hear more stories like this haha.

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    Ok, I do disagree with your mother. Dressing your child as a puppy would not make them prey!
    But I do think its a little demeaning to the child, would an adult liked to be forced into a puppy outfit? Just a thought. Yes it can be cute, but I honestly think its tacky unless for a dress up party or something

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