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    Post Middle names for Leda?

    I love the name Leda (lee-dah) and I'm determined to name my first daughter that.
    I want a perfect middle name (or two!) that goes wonderful with Leda.
    I'm looking for it to be a little longer and more complex than the first name Leda is.
    I've been looking at older, elegant names like from the Victorian or Edwardian era.
    I'd also like them to be not so common. No Annabel, Isabel, Madeline etc.

    This is what I have so far:

    Leda Alliander
    Leda Amaranth
    Leda Apphia
    Leda Araminta
    Leda Celesta
    Leda Calixta
    Leda Ophelie
    Leda Ophelia
    Leda Reverie
    Leda Vasilia
    Leda Wisteria

    Suggestions? Thoughts?

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    I like Leda Ophelia and Leda Araminta the best. I like Wisteria. Visilia sounds like a disease to me. Ha! I prefer Celeste over Celesta. I think Leda Celeste sounds lovely. Maybe you would like Celestine?
    more ideas-
    Leda Octavia
    Leda Eugenie/ Eugenia
    Leda Delphine
    Leda Aurelia
    Leda Hyacinth
    Leda Eulalie
    Leda Marguerite
    Leda Jessamine
    Leda Theodosia
    Leda Elspeth
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    Leda was my paternal grandmother's name. I don't recall her middle name or if she even had one, but I'll check with my father to see what it was. Happy to see the name again.
    On middle names: There's no point to them.
    On picking kid's names for nicknames: Just name the kid the nickname in the first place if you're that set on ever using it.
    Someone with a difficult name thought on giving out "unique" names: Please stop and think how your kid's life will be growing up with a really difficult/awkward moniker.

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