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    Names for Boy Angels

    I need help coming up with names for angels, especially for boys, to use in a middle-grade novel.
    The plot goes like this: A girl named Nevaeh learns she is an angel after accidentally causing a few miracles. She is sent to a school for angels.
    I want the names to be symbolic, like Noel for a baby born on Christmas.
    So far I've got lots of names for girls, like Nevaeh (heaven backwards), Seraphina (like a seraphim, a high-ranking angel), Trinity (as in the trinity), Evangeline (evangelist), Arella (it means angel), and Harmony (a singing angel).
    I don't have a lot for boys, but something along the lines of Lucius (meaning light), Judas (the disciple who betrays Jesus) and Falcon/Falconer (very good at flying).
    If you could come up with some names for the school or the teachers that would be a plus. Thanks a lot!
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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