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    Names for Boy Angels

    I need help coming up with names for angels, especially for boys, to use in a middle-grade novel.
    The plot goes like this: A girl named Nevaeh learns she is an angel after accidentally causing a few miracles. She is sent to a school for angels.
    I want the names to be symbolic, like Noel for a baby born on Christmas.
    So far I've got lots of names for girls, like Nevaeh (heaven backwards), Seraphina (like a seraphim, a high-ranking angel), Trinity (as in the trinity), Evangeline (evangelist), Arella (it means angel), and Harmony (a singing angel).
    I don't have a lot for boys, but something along the lines of Lucius (meaning light), Judas (the disciple who betrays Jesus) and Falcon/Falconer (very good at flying).
    If you could come up with some names for the school or the teachers that would be a plus. Thanks a lot!
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    First of all, thanks for responding to my post! Okay, here is my list:
    Abner (or Avner)***means "Father of Light". He could be a teacher, or maybe even the headmaster. "Mr. Abner". Sounds pretty cool.
    Jairus ***means "Jehova enlightens". No sure how it's pronounced, but I would guess something possibly rhyming with "Cyrus".
    Kiran *** "Ray of Light"
    Noor *** Arabic, means "Light"

    Those were the best boys' names I could find that meant light. I saw you mention "Judas", so I'm guessing there will be demons (or some kind of dark force) in your book as well? Here are some names that mean dark:

    Blakely *** meaning "From the dark meadow". I really like this one! It sounds like a bad guy name.
    Blakemore *** literally "From the dark moor". Kinda cool-like.
    Courtland *** "Dweller by the dark stream"
    Cronan *** "Little dark one". Maybe for some kind of "Demon in-training"? (Like Wormwood in Screwtape Letters?)
    Esmeray *** This is a girl's name, but it's so pretty that I couldn't help but put it in the list! Means "Dark moon".
    Kearny *** "Dark"
    Sullivan *** "Dark eyes"

    Good luck with the writing!
    --Lailey Jamestock, aspiring author

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    CASTIEL. Nah, just kidding! But, wow, laileybug gave you some great answers!

    Hm. Do you want to incorporate "stock" angels/archangels from Christianity/other religions in here and have them teach classes/interact with characters? Like, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, etc.? (I am so sorry if I'm getting this wrong; I'm a non-practicing Jew and I'm getting my information from Wikipedia and a less than enthused ex-girlfriend, haha)

    I think it would be interesting if biblically-recognized archangels taught classes and trained angels. Like, the archangel Gabriel can be on angel-recruitment duty and be the one who recruits Neveah (great name choice by the way!) because he's the archangel who typically serves as a messenger to humans from God. Pravuil can be a record-keeper for the school who has personally written out all of the deeds of the Lord. Kushiel, whose name means "rigid one of God", is one of the seven angels of punishment who punishes those in Hell, so he can be a very stoic or disciplinary angel? Sorry, I'm just bouncing around ideas here. :)

    If not, then here are some other names for you:
    Michael ("he who is like God")
    Sachiel ("the covering of God")
    Raphael ("God heals")
    Gabriel ("God is my strength")
    Camael ("one who sees God")
    Harper (as in harp; it's not the most popular boys' name, but it still is unisex)
    Castitas (meaning "chastity" in Latin; it's one of the seven heavenly virtues)
    Industria (meaning "diligence" in Latin, this is also one of the seven heavenly virtues)
    Ardal (a Gaelic name meaning "high or bear-like valor", and valor is a virtue)
    Jonathan ("Yahweh has given")
    Joseph ("God shall add")
    Médéric (in German this means "courageous ruler" and courage is one of the cardinal virtues)
    Joaquin/Joachim ("God will judge")
    Alexander ("defender of man"--a character wielding a name like this can teach defense or protection classes or be very big on protecting people, like a bleeding heart or something who desperately tries to save everyone, even at his own expense)
    Valentin/Valentine ("strong, healthy")
    Conal ("strong as a wolf")
    Etan ("strong, firm")

    As for baddies...
    Cecil (meaning "blind," perhaps like he is blind to the harm he causes/he thinks that he is righteous in his evil actions, or that he is just blind to love and its healing powers... I'm getting too into this, aren't I?)
    Daniel ("God has judged"--also, this is a fallen angel)
    Ira ("wrath" in the Latin of Western Christianity, according to the wikipedia page on the seven deadly sins)
    Livius ("envious")
    Jarogniew (derived from Slavic elements for "fierce, strong" and "anger")
    Benedict (as in Benedict Arnold, who committed treason; intentional treasonous activity is classified as greed, which is one of the seven deadly sins)
    Zador (Hungarian, "violent")
    Hasting ("violent")
    Azazel (a symbol for Satan)
    Isabelle (phonetically similar to Jezebel)
    Izavel (a variation of Jezebel)
    Belial ("worthless," also a demon)
    Exanime ("soulless")
    Tenebris ("darkness")
    Nephal ("to fall")

    I hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuddlycuttlefish View Post
    As for baddies...
    all those are really cool 'baddie' names, one i have to suggest if you have a specific leader 'devil' of some sort; Lucifer (the name of 'the devil/demon' himself)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ballerinagirl View Post
    all those are really cool 'baddie' names, one i have to suggest if you have a specific leader 'devil' of some sort; Lucifer (the name of 'the devil/demon' himself)
    Wow, thank you so much! It actually took me an hour to research everything so I could more thoroughly help elrock13. I really hope this helped!

    Ahaha, you're right! Lucifer would certainly be a great name for a leader, even if a bit cliche. I tried to avoid him because I felt like he was a given, haha. Dante could also be an applicable name for a good, bad, or even morally ambiguous character, depending on how the OP feels about Alighieri. Also, where is a Dante without his Beatrice?

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