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    Name survey - Nicknames vs. full names and your experiences

    Here's another survey by me asking about our experiences with some debatable name practices (I've done one before on unisex names, and another one on "dated" names). This one focuses on the subject of a formal name on the birth certificate even if you usually or always go by a nickname vs. making the nickname the official name, and those who have a name that fits into this category.

    If you were given a "longer" name legally but are usually or always called by a nickname, what do you think of your name? Do you like having a more formal name or other nickname options as a "backup"? Or do you wish your nickname was your official name?

    If you were given a name that's traditionally a nickname as your legal name, what's your opinion of it? Do you like not having to deal with a different name in formal vs. informal situations? Or do you wish you had the longer version with other options?

    Also, since this is one of those issues strongly divided along "American vs. British" lines, you might hint as to where you live and/or were born/grew up.

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    I am Margaret formally, but am Maggie most of the time, and on some occasions I'm even Peggy.

    I love having a "Sunday name" (what I call a formal name), because I see the Margaret me, and the Maggie me, as two different people.

    Let me explain...

    Margaret is the serious me, the conscientious student, who is working hard to get into her dream college. I am Margaret in any formal situation, such as when I had my interview with an alumni of my dream college two weeks ago. I put Margaret on all my school work. When I have a job in the future, I will be Margaret.

    Maggie is the fun me, the one away from all the formal stuff, and it's what I am to family and friends. She is different to Margaret. I leave Margaret in the library or at school. Maggie is the one who kicks back with her friends, goes to gigs with her boyfriend, that kind of thing.

    So yeah, I like having a name that can be nicknamed, so I can use it to separate the formal stuff in life from the fun/personal stuff.

    It wouldn't have been the end of the world to have been named Maggie on my birth certificate, but I definitely prefer being a Margaret.
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    I have a short name that doesn't have many nicknames unless you get very creative. (It's Karen. My mom calls me Karenina sometimes which is kind of the opposite of a nickname and my sister calls me Kai)

    But I think it's better to put the longer name officially on the birth certificate so that at least it's there and you can shorten it any way you like afterwards.
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    I love @maggiemary's post.

    Unfortunately, I don't fit either category.
    My birth name is not really a formal name with a nickname, and it's not a nickname.
    It's just smackdab, a name in between, think along the lines of Vanessa, or Regina.

    I'd like to give my future kids a longer name with nickname options though.
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    My name is Cynthia, nickname Cindy. I always went by Cindy with close friends and family, but at work or school it has mostly been Cynthia. I don't mind Cindy as a nickname but as a full name it would seem insubstantial and childish imo. I prefer Cynthia. There are only a few nicknames I like to see used as a formal first name, for example Lucy, Charlie, Bram and etc.

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