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    Nickname for Solomon other than Sol/Solly?

    We are still looking for other options beyond our shortlist of names for our baby due in February (William and Alexander are the top 2). We both keep coming back to Solomon. One thing holding us back is that we don't really like the nickname Sol or Solly. Are there other nicknames used for Solomon?
    Also, I know it's a favorite around here but I don't know anyone with the name. Is it too high a standard to set? (Kind of like Adonis or Romeo?)

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    Solomon nn Manny? I don't think that the King Solomon reference is too much to handle. Solomon does however feel totally different from your top 2 names. What about Alexander Solomon?
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    It is different from our other two. What's holding us back from the other two are that they are pretty common. We like more traditional names for boys but are trying to branch out a bit. The big problem, as I've noted in earlier posts, is that we have a Hispanic last name to contend with (my husband is Hispanic, I'm not). A lot of traditional names (like John) just sound weird with a very Hispanic name but I don't like most of the Hispanic equivalents.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    This is probably too out there, but what about Solo? I kind of like it!
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    Love Solomon! I think it fits nicely with William and Alexander. All strong, regal names. My thoughts for nicknames:

    Loam. We have Clay, Heath, Pete (peat), even some babies named Moss, why not Loam?
    Sunny or Sunbear, Sun King, Sunbeam, since "Sol" means sun.
    Ra (Egyptian sun god- this one's random but cool imo)
    Salamander -once in a while

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