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Thread: TTC baby #2 <3

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    TTC baby #2 <3

    So we have a four year old named Joshua Paul... Both names are pretty classic and they are also biblical names... I do like a lot of classic and biblical names but would love to hear more options.. We havent really found a pinpoint style that we like..

    any Suggestions for a lil brother to Joshua Paul?
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    Gideon Caleb is cute
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    i know a Zachariah who has always liked the common nickname/uncommon full name aspect of his name.

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    So your taste does seem quite biblical, but maybe extends to names that sound biblical or classic, but err more towards something else?

    Amias, Asher, Bram, Callum, Christopher, Constantine, Cyrus, Dashiell, Eamon, Florian, Jaden/Jadon, Job, Josiah, Laszlo/Lazarus, Loic, Luca, Marlowe, Miller, Nahum, Rhodes, Silas, Smith, Stewart, Sutton, Tate/Tatum, Waylon?

    I hope something here gets the ball rolling in some direction for you . It's hard to find out what kind of names you like!

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    My favorite Biblical names are Judah and Asa - but Judah sounds too much like Joshua and Asa seems too unconventional. I would consider Elijah or Samuel for the first name, and John, Peter, Andrew, Christopher or David for the middle name.
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