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    Samantha: No
    Alyssa: No
    Vanessa: Yes, around 27-28 years of age. (high school classmate)
    Victoria : Yes, 22.

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    Samantha- I knew several in high school. They're all in their mid-to-late twenties.
    Alyssa- No
    Vanessa- One in high school. She'd be 24-25.
    Victoria- Possibly. She's in her 30s and is the older sister of a classmate. She goes by Tori but I'm pretty sure her full name is Victoria.

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    Samantha:most Samantha's I know are in their twenties, though I have a little cousin about 8 named Samantha as well
    Alyssa: all Alyssa's I know are in their twenties
    Vanessa: I know Vanessa's of all ages but most are in their twenties
    Victoria: I know very few Victorias and they aren't confined to an age group
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    Samantha: I have only known one girl named Samantha. She is now 17 years old. (My niece and her DH has this name in mind if they ever have a second daughter.)

    Alyssa: I'm familiar with the name, but don't specifically recall knowing anyone with the name.

    Vanessa: Many years ago, I was acquainted with a couple of Vanessas who are now in their 40s.

    Victoria: I've known a number of Vickies (Victorias) who are now around 50 years old.
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    Samantha- one in her mid 20s.
    Alyssa- one who's 22, one who's 3.
    Vanessa- none
    Victoria- a bunch of these went to my high school, so they'd be in their late 20s now. I knew at least 5 of em, all went by Tori.
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