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    thank you so much for the feedback. I love to hear what people think...
    At this point I am thinking of dropping Simon, Killian and Ronan from the list.

    And adding Elijah.

    Any more ideas would be so appreciated. If we pick Elijah, what middles names sound and fit best? TY!

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    I was going to vote for Simon or Aaron, but I see you want to drop Simon from the list. Don't do it!! Simon fits very well with your other boys' names. I like Simon Felix or Aaron Nicholas.

    Elijah is fine too - I like Elijah Nicholas. Though I kind of think Elijah is too much /j/ sound when you say all your boys' names together. Benjamin, Joel, and Joshua all have the /j/ and with Elijah on top of those, it kind of makes my tongue stumble. And it leaves Isaac as the only one without a /j/.

    I think Aaron or Simon is your best bet.
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    I like Aaron a lot and it fits. This is probably an unpopular opinion here, but I think if you want to change "styles," that's ok. Peoples' tastes change over time and if you just really want a Ronan, go ahead. My sister's name is a Welsh name that's trending now, but my other sister and I have classic names. Whatever. They are all strong female names that suit us.

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    Whew! FIVE boys! God bless you're heart. I think Aaron Nicholas is a great name. Adam, William, and James are all great names as well, however I like Aaron the best.
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    Benjamin, Isaac, Joshua, Joel and Adam seem to go the best to me. I also think Aaron and James go well, I just prefer Adam. Personally, I'd stick with the biblical theme... the names just seem to fit.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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