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Thread: New fear

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    There are different levels of infertility for men, and different causes. Low motility or low sperm count can make natural conception difficult, but intrauterine insemination can help that a lot. There can also be a problem from a blockage of some sort, and for that they can use a needle to collect sperm directly from the testicles and use it for IVF. I learned about this process through my cystic fibrosis research. Many men with cf have what is called bilateral absence of the vas deferens (meaning the sperm has no way to travel to the penis) and this procedure has worked for them. Bottom line is there are a lot of treatment options available, so try not to worry too much till you talk to a doctor and find out if there even is a problem. Oh, and my ob/gyn is who ordered my husband's semenalysis. We didn't have to see a urologist. We had been trying for about 9 months and I was worried about fertility problems. Our insurance did pay for testing for both of us, so you could just see what your insurance's policy is on fertility testing. Trying for a year first sounds good on paper, until you've actually been trying for a year and you wonder why you didn't get checked out sooner. Good luck, and I hope there aren't any problems :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfiejoe View Post
    ]he had unprotected sex multiple times with multiple girlfriends, never even a pregnancy scare.
    Just want to point out that the girls could have been on the pill, so if that's what's making him nervous, then it's not a good reason unless he knows they weren't on the pill or IUD or female condom, etc.... Therefore, not likely to get pregnant.

    I think you should try for at least a year if not more before getting tested. It is really expensive and insurance doesn't normally cover that since it isn't a "necessity" Plus there are occasions where doctors say it's impossible or not likely and then the women ends up pregnant, so even if you got tested and they said it's "not likely" they could still be wrong.

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    DH had two long term serious relationships prior to ours and when he was with them, they had unprotected sex (gf's weren't on the pill) and never had a scare. He used to say he assumes he must be sterile or something would have happened. I was off the pill for a year before we had plans to TTC. I tracked my cycle but was off on my calculations I learned this past spring, and only once was my period late and it seemed weird. The plan was to TTC in May 2012 because we assumed it would take a while. We got pregnant on our first try, much to our surprise and I am due in February.

    I don't think the surgery would affect it if it wasn't not on his testicles. I would suggest trying first, along a normal timeline and then seeking fertility assistance or testing if you do not conceive within a year.

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    They were not on the pill at all. I think thats is what made him more concerned now.

    In asking him for more details he said it was more along the tube then just the tip. I don't know, I'm not worried about it we are going to start earnestly trying as soon as I get the Wanderfo strips in the mail. Maybe get lucky and conceive on the 1st try too!
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