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    I know a few Beatriz.... All teenagers. I love the name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missv View Post
    BTW agent99, I love all your signature names. Do you pronounce Athénaïs "Ah - té - nah - is"?
    You're pretty much right except the end is more like "EES", I'm horrible with explaining phonetic prn but "a-té-na-ï-ss" is also a good explanation but I think that's pretty much what you're saying too. you can listen to it here Athénaïs and thanks
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    I am in Philly, and I know of two other Beas, who I assume are Beatrice. My daughter is Beatrix/Bea, so that contributes to the Bea population as well.
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    I refuse to accept that it will get popular at all or I will have to find more names to fall in love with!
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    Apologies for digging up an old post, but I have to say: Beatrice is a top 100 name in Canada! It's within the top 20 in Quebec, and because Quebec represents such a large portion of the Canadian population it makes it into the top 100 for the whole country. Quebec is quite ahead in naming trends when compared to other Canadian provinces.

    I still love Beatrice. We're considering it as a middle name, if we have another daughter. (We're in New Brunswick, Canada).

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