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    Red face Where for art thou Jessica?

    I am just curious, Jessica is a Shakespearian name, introduced by William Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice. It is also believed to have been inspired by the biblical name 'Jesca.' But does this mean Jessica is a classic? Yes, she was popular during the 80s and 90s, but if Ophelia, Rosalind, Hermione, Hermia, Juliet etc. are all classics and in style now, isn't she as well?
    I understand that just like Jennifer, she has become recognised for these particular decades, but I just wondered since these other names are gaining traction once more. This is purely just out of curiosity as my own name is in fact Jessica.
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    I'm not sure, but based on your reasoning, perhaps Jessica IS a classic. Either way, I want to say that I have always LOVED the name. It's really beautiful.
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    I used to love Jessica.. until I found a lot of them.
    I know many Jessicas around my own age (20), but none of it for the little kids now.
    Jessica is petty, but I don't really consider it as classic.

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    I think this is a lovely name and definitely a classic. (I also think Jennifer--my name--should be as well, despite its popularity in recent decades.) My cousin is named Jessica, after our great-grandmother Jessie, and I have several friends named Jessica. We were all born in the late 70s. I only knew one Jessica when I was baby-sitting in the mid-late 90s, though, and haven't really heard it since then. I think it's a soft, pretty, and comfortable kind of name.
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    My daughter has a 4 year old Jessica in her preschool class, and it's quite cute to see it on a little girl. I imagine she won't have to share her name with too many other kids in her class. I think Jessica is a name that has classic beauty, and even though it's losing popularity now, it's not because it's not beautiful, it's because there are a lot of Jessica's around. I see it making a comeback in another generation or two.

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