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    Question Vintage Name Trend Going Too Far?

    First let me say that I am all for the revival of the cute classic name, however hipster it may be;
    etc... are all sweet. In fact, I even have a daughter named Grace. However, is it me or ARE SOME PEOPLE TAKING THIS TREND TOO FAR??? There are some vintage names that died out for a reason if you ask me, and trying to be different by giving your daughter a name that's so old its just simply unattractive is rather inconsiderate really. While it may seem like a fun idea, keep in mind this little girl has to live with it. And that she is a LITTLE girl after all, not an elderly 95 yr old. Don't let your desire to be "original" get in the way of what might be best for your child and how they will want to define themselves. Personally, I really dislike:
    but I'm coming to terms with them as their popularity grows and its apparently a losing battle. But then there are those that are taking it even a further and that's where I have to ask a person to really stop and think.
    Mabel, Doris, Phyllis, Hortense, Myrna, Eunice, Florence, Bertha, Esther, Hilda, Mildred, Lucretia, and so on -unacceptable.
    And if its to honor an adored family member then fine, who can argue that, but at least make it the child's middle name. At least give the girl a chance.

    DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE WITH ME ON THIS ONE? What names have your heard that you feel take it too far? Why does ugly have to be in? How do you feel? I have condensed this to girls-only but know it definitely applies to boys too. And feel free to say what you do like too.

    And if I've offended anyone who has or will have a child with one of these names, my apologies, but its the way I feel.

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    Lol liking your rant! I guess we all have different tastes and name popularity ranges from country to country and even from region to region. In the uk, Florence is actually becoming VERY popular (its definitely top 100, and I think last time I checked it was about top 60!). I personally love Florence as a middle name and think NN Flo is very cute, but I know there is a load of people who would disagree. One vintage name I really detest is Harriet and it's really rising in.popularity in my region of Scotland, so obviously some folk must like it!
    I like spunky, vaudeville-type names, so for me, Ruby, Mabel & Pearl are just fab!

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    Yeah, I agree with you, but I think we're in the minority (on Nameberry, not with the public).

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    I really dislike some of the "older vintage names", but naming is subjective and personal. What is ugly to me isn't to others. The old ladies were little girls once too, lol! Names go through trends all the time, that's just the way it is. That's how I see it. My husband's grandma who passed away was named Betty Lou. We wanted to honor her but we didn't like Betty or Lou, it felt "older" to us. So we chose to use Elisabeth Louisa instead.
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    lol. Some of those in the last group--I really don't see them coming back. Bertha? Hortense?! I don't think they'll come back for a really long time, if at all. But names like Mabel and Florence are already really coming back, and I'm pretty sure Florence is top 100 in the UK, which is only a couple years ahead of the US.

    It doesn't bother me, no. I actually really love Hazel and Ruby, and Pearl is on my list as a MN to honor my sister. Everyone has their own taste, but I really don't think these are that bad. Names go in cycles, and names like Ruby, Hazel, Pearl, and Mabel are just coming back around. I really can't find it in myself to appreciate Mabel or Florence (although I really love Mae, Flora, and Fleur), but more power to the people who use it. And even if it is a really old lady name (I adore Agnes, for example!), there's usually a cute nn to redeem it if the child finds it ugly/too teaseworthy. Mabel could be Belle/Bella, Florence could be Lola/Flora, Lucretia could be Lucy, Agnes could be Annie (from the French pronunciation, ahn-YES), etc.

    I'm sure people will agree with you, haha, but I think they're more on other sites. Lots of Berries love Ruby, Hazel, Florence, Mabel, etc.
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