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    I know Elizabeth and Diana will be in the girls' name somewhere, and I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria shows up.

    For a boy, definitely Charles, Philip and William.

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    I think if anyone can take an ultra-traditional name (George, Matilda, etc.) and make it sound modern and hip, it's the Cambridges.

    I'm hoping for a little Prince Frederick Philip Arthur George, or a princess Matilda Elizabeth Diana Alice, with middle names on both in no particular order.
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    I'm hoping for a new spin on a traditional name. Like Georgiana for George. There aren't that many names the BRF uses that aren't in use right now. I don't think they'll use Elisabeth since the Queen is still alive and doesn't like children being named after her. Might be used for a middle name though...

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    Boys names are really hard, I guess the pretty much only ones available (or aren't in use) are George, Albert, Arthur and Alexander.
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