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    Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

    Kate and Will are expecting a little prince or princess (or both). Let the name guessing begin... (how fun)..

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    I'm really excited to find out the name!
    I expect it will be something really really traditional.
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    It'll be super traditional--there'll probably be at least four names. (Which is fine.) If it's a girl, I'm sure Diana and Elizabeth will be included. If it's a boy--look for Charles, William, Phillip, Henry, etc.

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    Seeing as the child will be placed after Prince William in the line of succession and therefore will be an heir, it's almost 100% certain that his/her name will be top-traditional.

    First name: They could choose to go with the ultra traditional names like George, Richard or Edward; Elizabeth, Victoria or Mary. Or they could go with more uncommon yet traditional names like Arthur, Philip, Alexander or Albert; Charlotte, Matilda, Alexandra or Margaret. My money are on either George or Arthur, or Elizabeth, Margaret or Victoria.

    "Middle names": As with (almost) every royal baby, the secondary names are probably going to get used to honour family members. A strong contender in my opinion is Francis/Frances, in a girls name being a replacement for Diana. Frances was Diana's middle name and Francis is Michael Middleton's middle name. Francis furthermore has a royal connection in that the father of Queen Mary, the grandmother of Her Majesty the Queen, was Francis, the Duke of Teck. Family names used could be, for a boy: Charles, Louis, Michael, James, Arthur or Philip, for a girl: Elizabeth, Margaret, Anne, Alice, Diana, Alexandra, Carole/Caroline or Mary.

    My (first) guesses for a boy:
    George Charles Arthur Philip
    Arthur Charles Philip Francis
    George Philip Arthur Michael
    Alexander Philip Arthur George (long-shot)
    Albert Michael Charles Philip (long-shot)

    My (first) guesses for a girl:
    Elizabeth Alice Caroline Frances
    Elizabeth Carole Mary Diana
    Margaret Caroline Frances Elizabeth
    Victoria Carole Diana Elizabeth
    Alexandra Elizabeth Caroline Frances (long-shot)
    Mary Elizabeth Carole Diana (long-shot)
    Alice Diana Elizabeth Carole (long-shot)
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