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    Full name disasters

    I have recently been realizing how incredibly important it is to focus on finding names that work with your last name for your baby. Forget middle names, last names and first name combos are where some parents should focus a bit more. I have to share some of my recent and old full name disaster stories.

    Jack Smith. Sounds like a fine combo. Until he goes to school, and it gets shortened to Jack S. I can still hear the giggles from elementary school, and the jokes from high school. I am not sure if they didn't think of that, or if they just HAD to use Jack. Either way, it was a mistake.

    Next, Genevieve Tull. Who goes by Genna Tull. Yes. I mean sure, this is her choice, but if my daughter was walking around going by Genna Tull I would probably regret my naming decision. My friend told me she knows someone who was actually named Jenna Tull, but she changed her name at eighteen. I don't blame her, that is horrible. Worse than Genevieve.

    And finally, people really should be careful about hyphenating last names. Samantha Robertson-Harrison. Really? I don't even understand that.

    It could go horribly wrong. Like it did for Sam Lily-Johnson (Boy). There was a mistake in the high school system, and it got changed to Lily Johnson. He had to answer to that for years. Yikes.

    Lets just say I am paranoid about this now. Have you guys seen any disasters when it comes to names?

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    Penny Nicole Corder is one I've seen, obviously done on purpose, though.

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