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    There are lots of other lovely and classical names than Louise and Victoria.
    Elena, Claudia, Romilly, Melisende, Dahlia, Viola, Arabella, Serena, Melody, Freya, Morgana, Mercy, Mariella, Ramona, Maris, Layla, Roselyn, Viviette, Briony, Leta, Leda...
    This is my list of all girls names I like:

    Artur, Martin, Adam, Oliver, Robert, Edmund...

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    My guess is Eleanor for a girl- Eleanor of Aquitaine was queen 850 years ago, so her story seems distant enough not to be a burden to a modern member of the royal family (not that it would necessarily be a burden!). Queen Eleanor just plain sounds right, plus it's the sort of name that would give her family the option of a private nickname.

    We had a couple of Queen Marys at the beginning of the modern age, and I'm not sure that I'd want to be Queen Mary III when the first Mary is still known as 'Bloody Mary' and the second one is somewhat of a traitorous character to the Scots.

    Alice is another possibility, I think, given that it is a Royal family name currently in fashion, and it has the benefit of *not* having an obvious historical precedent. On the other hand, Alice is almost a trendy name, and I'm not entirely convinced that 'Queen Alice' quite stands up...Other more remote possibilities could include Margaret (though that could be tricky in Scotland- Margaret I in England, II in Scotland?), Alexandra (royal precedent, excellent etymology for a queen, but a little much- Princess Alexandra, Queen Alexandra? Too much Victoriana!), Charlotte, Helena, and, remotely, Matilda or Emma.

    I agree with Elizabeth Diana Caroline as obvious middles, but some combination including Alexandra, Margaret, Frances, Alice, Mary, Anne, or Catherine also make a lot of sense. Best guess is Eleanor Diana Elizabeth Caroline; runner up is Charlotte Frances Alexandra Mary.

    Boys are interesting- do they stick with one that's been done- George VII? Charles IV? Edward or Henry IX? One with a much more major numbering issue (never mind sticky historical connotations) - James III/VIII? Stephen, John, and Richard seem unlikely because of the popular perception of the last monarchs with those names. I think George and Edward are the best bets from the basic list of already-done English kings, but a seventh or ninth is more than a little dull to contemplate (granted the 'ninth' part is unprecedented for the Commonwealth crown).

    If they do decide to go out on a limb and pick a 'new' name, clearly it would have to be a family name and/or one with deep, deep British roots. Arthur, Philip, Michael, Alexander, Frederick, Albert, and David are the obvious 'family' names. Arthur is just wayyy too much to put on a person who will be King of England. David, Louis/Lewis, and Alexander are eliminated for reasons similar to Arthur; Michael and Philip are sensible middle names, but somehow I cannot imagine them as the first name of a child born to that couple; Frederick and Albert I think are a bit too German/Prussian, especially when you start sticking 'Prince' and 'King' in front of them-- though Albert is the best of the lot. There are a couple of very old names that I think could potentially work for a late 21st-century British king- Edmund and perhaps Alfred. There are a handful of pre-1066 Edmunds, but long enough ago that they are arguably more myth than history, if known at all, for most. The more immediate association of course is the Edmund who is a 'king' of Narnia--which, I think, works. Edmund is certainly the most interesting of the four children, and modern Britain certainly takes pride in its literary tradition (hello, Olympic opening and closing ceremonies...). King Alfred is of course the (semi-legendary, the Victorians had a bit of a love affair with him) king of the Anglo-Saxons who is mostly credited with establishing education as the basis for a successful kingdom/economy, among other things. There are worse precedents, anyways

    Best guess here...going out on a limb with Edmund Arthur Philip Michael; runner-up safe bet would be George Alexander William James.
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    I predict Alexandra or Elizabeth for a girl and George or Arthur for a boy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laethey View Post
    I agree she might choose Elizabeth or Diana, but why Mary?
    If a firstborn girl was to be named Mary (and should she become Queen one day), she'd be Queen Mary III. Besides, Her Majesty's grandmother was Mary of Teck, wife of King George V.
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    Oh I'd love it if they used Diana as the first name! I'm certain it'll be used as a middle at least though.
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