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    Are there any rules? Maybe she would choose Clara, like some lady chooses Zara.

    I agree she might choose Elizabeth or Diana, but why Mary?
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    Also, for some entertainment, check out this #UnlikelyRoyalBabyNames trend on twitter:

    Katie Charlotte.

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    I expect something really beautiful and elegant.

    As a side note, I hope the paps leave her alone. Let her enjoy her pregnancy in peace, especially since she has hyperemesis gravidarum. Give her a break.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laethey View Post
    I agree she might choose Elizabeth or Diana, but why Mary?
    I don't think they would give her a first name after any living prominent royal, so Anne, Elizabeth and I would say Margaret are probably all out. William has a cousin called Louise so any variant on that would be out as well. Victoria I think could be a possibility but I think being Queen Victoria II would be a lot to live up to. Mary was the name of the Queen's grandmother, and is one of her middle names.

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