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    William and Kate's baby!

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge {aka William and Kate} have announced that they are expecting a baby.

    What names do you predict?

    Also, for some entertainment, check out this #UnlikelyRoyalBabyNames trend on twitter:

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    Katie Charlotte.

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    Any name that isn't already taken in the family now could be be a first name.

    For the first time, gender doesn't apply! Yeah! Irregardless of whether the baby is a boy or a girl, it will be third in line to the throne after the Prince of Wales and Prince William so I'm hoping it will be a future queen!

    Diana (I wonder if they would have the courage to use it!)
    Charlotte (although Diana's brother the Earl of Spencer just had a Lady Charlotte Spencer)
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    Off Mischa's list I like Matilda or Eleanor but I will be back to this thread for more when I have time. I wonder if they have to follow any rules etc.?

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    I think Diana would be a middle name if it's a girl - I think Elizabeth may also be one as well. As this child will be third in line to the throne regardless of gender, I think they have to stick with traditional royal names.

    I quite fancy Diana Elizabeth Caroline as the middles, after both mothers and the Queen. Not sure on a first yet though I'm quite liking Mary on the front of that lot.

    For boys, Charles is likely to end up as a middle, and possibly Michael as well - Kate's father's first name. It's unlikely to be a first that a prominant royal already bears - so no Edward, Henry, Charles, Andrew, Philip or William. Both William and Charles have Arthur as a middle name so that's a possibility to be passed on to a first son, not sure about where it originates from though.

    I'd like Arthur or George as a first, both haven't been used for ages.

    Mary Diana Elizabeth Caroline or George Charles Arthur Michael are my picks.

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    I agree with above. Mary (and all the middle names) and George.

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