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    Officially, I'm named after my grandma, but my first name is also from my mom's favorite books as a kid.

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    My dad named me after the English actress Anita Harris. I like that my name has a story and personality behind it. One of my middle names is after my grandmothers who were both named Margaret. I hope to use Pearl in their honour if I have another daughter.

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    My mn is Hadley after my dad's previous "best friend" .... AWKWARD ... if I didn't love my name Victoria Hadley I woudl have wished they hadn't done that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valkyrie View Post
    I was named after Natalie Wood, who is one of my mother's favorite actresses. When I was little, I didn't know who Natalie Wood was, but vaguely knew of Natalie Cole. So for the longest time, I thought I was named after Natalie Cole. About the time I entered my preteen years, I found out who I was really named after, and liked it more. As I got older, I saw movies starring Natalie Wood, though I still find it kind of sad regarding her death.
    Yes, such a tragedy since Natalie Wood was such a great actress.

    Natalie Wood is one of my favorite actresses. Your post just reminded me that Natalie is on my invisible baby name list. Natalie Wood made that happen. I've had mixed feelings about the name my whole life, until I watched a marathon of Natalie Wood's films.

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