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    My SIL named her daughter after a Michelle, on Friends. I was shocked when she told me that. It seemed kind of shallow to me... However, I realized later that the name is quite popular although perhaps a bit outdated for her generation. Her peers will likely not be familiar with the show either. On top of that the name is the feminization of her daughter's grandfather's name, and she goes by the cute nn of Mimi, so in the end it was a happy accident or a very smart choice. Her son is named Christopher, after Christopher Robin. That's super cute, and it's a classic name, so she can get away with it.

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    My middle name is Lydia, after Lydia from the Bible who was the first Christian woman in Europe. While I appreciate the name and connection, Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books ever so I always associate it with empty-headed Lydia Bennet. Strangely my mum loves Jane Austen too but didn't think of the character. And to top it off my sister's MN is Kathryn (Kitty's full name, though spelled Catherine, for those who aren't hardcore fans :P ). Not that anyone except me has ever noticed the connection.
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    I'm not sure where they got my first name, but my dad said they got my middle name from The Styx's song 'Lorelei'.
    I quite like it - I've never met anyone else with the name.

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    Thank you for sharing the stories behind your names, Berries. I was on a bit of a hiatus so I wasn't able to read all of them until now.
    I loved reading all of them. @ valkyrie: I adore Natalie Wood!! ... Fascinating stories.
    Personally, I'm not named after anyone famous. But my older sister was named after a famous singer named, Sharon. But she never felt any pressure to live up to the public figure, so much as to investigate the cultural roots of it.

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    I am named Raquel after Raquel Welch. She isn't overly famous now but she was like a huge sex symbol in the 1960's. I have a hispanic last name so it totally fits me, and people say they like it. I do prefer how it is said in Spanish though Ra-kel instead of Rac-kel.
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