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    I really like the name Stanley but it's been pointed out to me as an "old man name".

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    I think some of it is location. I knew a Noel (female, pronounced no-elle) but when I brought it up here people said it was unwearable on a girl because it was pronounced nole--which I'd never heard of in my life.

    Also, some of it is age, a name which for me represents all of my grandmother's friends, sounds fresh and stately to a younger ear.

    I also really love the name Ebenezer, as well as the much hated Fenix.

    I guess the key is just to take people's opinions with a grain of salt, taking into account that their background could be vastly different from your own. That can be really useful, especially if you want your child's name to travel very well, as long as you don't take things too personally.

    I think the thing I find the most puzzling on nameberry is people's obsession with popularity. I totally understand not wanting your kid to know 37 other people with the same name as them, but I do not understand people who feel like they have failed and are completely unable to use a name they adore simply because they met one child with that name or it showed up near the bottom of a list somewhere. That's obviously extreme, but people fall all along that spectrum and some go too far in my opinion. It's getting to a point where I expect people to start stringing gibberish letters together just for the fascination of being "unique". It seems like the naming community is going to descend into the warring parties of "unique" and "tacky" based on their most loved insult.
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    I think nearly any name can be wearable, depending on the right person and whether or not they can pull it off.

    As for people thinking a name is too much of an old man or old woman name, bah... I had people telling me that the name I picked for my daughter [Ruth] was too much of an old lady name and then when they see the name on a cute little baby, they change their mind. My general naming style tends towards the classic names like Thomas, Arthur, Walter, George, Howard, Theodore, Nathaniel, Sheldon, Edith, Ethel, Judith, Meredith, Claire, June, Alice, Amelia, Alma, Pearl, Lucille, Georgia, Edna, etc

    Of course that was a mild example, some of the names I fancy are out there and I'm pretty sure quite a few people would find them unwearable. I like the names : Godric, Nicodemus, Augustus, Beauregard, Gareth, Alastair, Leopold, Archimedes, Adelpha, Alethea, Gustava, Zelda, Corisande, Meissa, Amidala, Hermione, etc.

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    I genuinely love all of those (other than Sheldon. It just sounds like a very unintelligent person to me, which is ironic because it also reminds me of the chacacter on The Big Bang Theory!).

    My English teacher's wife recently had a baby boy who's middle name is Oswald and I really really love it - dare I mention his first name is Wi1fred which is also a huge favourite of mine deemed as 'unusable'. God, I seriously hope he doesn't find this. :\

    Elmer is absolutely amazing, as is Edwin.

    I think though, because in my area babies are frequently named Maude, Cecil and Robin I actually find it weird that people would ever think that Keilyn and Kayden are actually MORE usable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kungfualex View Post
    I really like the name Stanley but it's been pointed out to me as an "old man name".
    I don't see that at all. It doesn't even have that sound to it. And I also grew up watching a show about a young boy named Stanley.
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