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    Hey Ottilie! I can't keep track of so many other lovely names that have shown up in your other threads, so I'll start afresh with what's here, plus some. Fieldrush, by the way, is to die for.

    Belphoebe Grifola Lune (Grifola as in the noble hen o' woods mushroom)
    Belphoebe Windemere Wilde
    Belphoebe Ozma Lune (as in the rightful princess of Oz)
    Belphoebe Nicotiana Elin (Nicotiana is the tobacco plant, but she's a night-bloomer and incredibly fragrant. Elin - Elaine.)
    Belphoebe Astraea Winterose

    Ceridwen Tindra Gale
    Ceridwen Atalanta Photine
    Ceridwin Atalanta Keshet (Keshet- Hebrew "rainbow") But then her initials would be CAKE, right? Oh well, everyone likes cake.
    Ceridwin Heidi Eirlys

    Hespera Ilta Signe (Ilta is Finnish for evening)
    Hespera Amethyst Bellatrix
    Hespera Twyla Vivendel
    Hespera Zephyr Evelake

    Illyria Fawn Blanchefleur
    Illyria Vivendel Fawn
    Illyria Caoimhe Meadowsweet (Caoimhe is pronounced "kweevah." It's Irish, means gentle and kind.)

    Tinuviel Signe Sambac (as in jasmine sambac, the most deliciously fragrant)
    Tinuviel Somerset Wilde
    Tinuviel Mimosa June
    Tinuviel Turtledove Martin (Martin as in the swallow)

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