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    Thank you all so much, you are pure awesomeness!

    roseymaam: Ceridwen Tindra Wilde is beautiful, love it!

    dantea: Thank you!!!! I adore your taste in names as well!! I especially love these: Belphoebe Windemere Snow, Ceridwen Evenstar Wilde, Hespera Vivendel Fawn, Illyria Signe Mimosa and Tinuviel Atalanta Lune. Your suggestions of Thalassa (been in and out a lot!), Hestia, Eirene, Soteria, Epione, Idunna and Eir (and Freyr for a boy, amazing!). Pronounciation of Soteria would be great, and since I've been wrong in the past, is Chione pronounced kee-O-nee?

    dillonsfan: Thanks, I love those combos too!

    blade: I love love love Ceridwen Sunniva Eirlys, Belphoebe Niniane Evenstar , Hespera Oriel Fieldrush, Hespera Melanthe Avis, Illyria Halcyon Bloom and all the Tinuviel combos. But my favourite is Illyira Iris Terpsichore. You got my favourite muse in there!!!!
    And, yeah, we've come a long way. What was I thinking with those names??? Lucky some pretty smart people talked me out of it...

    cardismom: Hespera Meadowsweet Lune - gorgeous!!!! Coriander is a cute name, but I love to cook, and coriander is one fo the ingredients I'm not too fond of...

    lori: Belphoebe Luna Nox is stunning! Thank you so much!

    Anyone else?

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    Yes, someone else! Disclaimer: You told me to post girl suggestions, haha. I'll put a star next to the painting references.

    *Belphoebe Miranda Callisto
    Belphoebe Cerulean Luna

    *Ceridwen Ophelia Silversnow
    Ceridwen Nephele Meadow (for some reason I like the 'ph' sound after Ceridwen and the 'ow' ending)

    *Hespera Alcyone Winterose
    Hespera Niniane Vivendel

    *Illyria Eurydice Topaz
    Illyria Evenstar Signe

    *Tinuviel Ariadne Laurel
    Tinuviel Ori Ondine (Aw, I didn't even see your comment until I was making new combos!) =]

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    Belphoebe: winter evening in the forest, full moon, whispy clouds, starlight, light breezes, rivers.

    Belphoebe Gaia Wispwood
    Belphobe Olwen Evenstar
    Belphoebe Winter Wood
    Belphoebe Talitha Elm
    Belphoebe Wisteria Wood

    Ceridwen: frosty winter day, twinkling snow, frosty naked trees, pale sunlight.

    Ceridwen Alectrona Frostine
    Ceridwen Lumi Fairlight
    Ceridwen Alectrona Frost (early godess of light, so... early light?)
    Ceridwen Winter Laurel
    Ceridwen Dendritus Frost (godess of trees)

    Hespera: lush dark green garden in the evening. purple and pink flowers, birdsong.

    Hespera Celedon Verbena
    Hespera Alouette Gardenia
    Hespera Antheia Evenstar (Antheia is the Goddess of vegetation, lowlands, marshlands, gardens, blossoms, the budding earth and human love)
    Hespera Antheia Honeydew

    Illyria: meadows and creeks, honeysuckle and lavender, sunshine. little bunnies jumping around.

    Illyria Elpis Meadow (Elpis is personification of hope)
    Illyria Lavender Shire
    Illyria Velvetine Lark
    Illyria Damia Livelylight (Damia is godess of growth in nature)

    Tinuviel: dark pink sunset, stars coming out, still water and leafy trees, in summer. (Someone amazing and wonderful suggested Tinuviel Ori Ondine)

    Tinuviel Avalon Cerise (avalon is place of lady of the lake)(cerise is a type of pink
    Tinuviel Urania Ori (Urania is the muse of atronomy)
    Tinuviel Hesperides Verbena (Hesperides are godesses of sunset)
    Tinuviel Talitha Ori (talitha is the name of two stars)

    I love the imagery for your names!
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    amydomsmom: Yay, you are someone else! And, yes, I'm glad you make me girl combos... I love Tinuviel Ori Ondine so much. Yesterday, I wrote it on a note and put it on our fridge, and when my boyfriend saw it he thought I was a genius. I corrected him though! And I love Hespera Niniane Vivendel and Ceridwen Ophelia Wintersnow (I get what you mean with the ph-sound, I think it's to soften up Ceridwen maybe). Thanks hun!

    lovelywren: Ceridwen Lumi Fairlight and Hespera Antheia Evenstar are wonderful! And I love Honeydew, how cute is that?

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    I'm glad you like some of my suggestions ^_^ These are all very cool and wonderful names (and some of them were on my list too)
    I certainly don't mind helping you with the Greek pronunciations since I speak it :P
    I'll list the pronunciations for the ones I gave that might not be obvious.

    Chione -- kee-oh-nee -- you were right and it's gorgeous!
    Soteria -- soh-tee-ree-uh -- the middle TEE is sort of soft and fast.
    Epione -- eh-pee-oh-nee
    Eirene -- eh--ree-nee -- the EH is soft and somewhere between and ee and eh sound. -- My Amazon Author Page

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