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    Middles for Our Baby (Maybe) Girl, Part 2

    I'm trying this again! I'm so grateful to everyone on the previous thread, you are all so amazing with all your suggestions and thoughtfulness!

    We've decided on our top 5; Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Hespera, Illyria and Tinuviel. We want two middles (tradition in boyfriend's family), surname ends in -s and sounds like a word (kind of).
    I'm basically giving you free reign to play around. We do however want a specific imagery for each name:

    Belphoebe: winter evening in the forest, full moon, whispy clouds, starlight, light breezes, rivers.

    Ceridwen: frosty winter day, twinkling snow, frosty naked trees, pale sunlight.

    Hespera: lush dark green garden in the evening. purple and pink flowers, birdsong.

    Illyria: meadows and creeks, honeysuckle and lavender, sunshine. little bunnies jumping around.

    Tinuviel: dark pink sunset, stars coming out, still water and leafy trees, in summer. (Someone amazing and wonderful suggested Tinuviel Ori Ondine)

    Names we like, but we're open for basically anything:
    Ariadne, Atalanta, Chione, Evelake, Evenstar, Fawn, Lune, Maris, Mimosa, Nephele, Niniane, Signe, Snow, Tindra, Vivendel, Wilde, Windemere, Winterose

    Possible maybe future brothers are: Endymion, Faramir, Gawain, Herne and Orpheus.

    Thank you so much!
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