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    Middles for Our Baby (Maybe) Girl, Part 2

    I'm trying this again! I'm so grateful to everyone on the previous thread, you are all so amazing with all your suggestions and thoughtfulness!

    We've decided on our top 5; Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Hespera, Illyria and Tinuviel. We want two middles (tradition in boyfriend's family), surname ends in -s and sounds like a word (kind of).
    I'm basically giving you free reign to play around. We do however want a specific imagery for each name:

    Belphoebe: winter evening in the forest, full moon, whispy clouds, starlight, light breezes, rivers.

    Ceridwen: frosty winter day, twinkling snow, frosty naked trees, pale sunlight.

    Hespera: lush dark green garden in the evening. purple and pink flowers, birdsong.

    Illyria: meadows and creeks, honeysuckle and lavender, sunshine. little bunnies jumping around.

    Tinuviel: dark pink sunset, stars coming out, still water and leafy trees, in summer. (Someone amazing and wonderful suggested Tinuviel Ori Ondine)

    Names we like, but we're open for basically anything:
    Ariadne, Atalanta, Chione, Evelake, Evenstar, Fawn, Lune, Maris, Mimosa, Nephele, Niniane, Signe, Snow, Tindra, Vivendel, Wilde, Windemere, Winterose

    Possible maybe future brothers are: Endymion, Faramir, Gawain, Herne and Orpheus.

    Thank you so much!
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    You have a lovely and unique style with dreamy imagery to match. I'm not creative enough to give you suggestions, so I'll give combos a shot.

    Belphoebe Lune Evelake
    Ceridwen Tindra Snow
    Hespera Wilde Ariadne
    Illyria Fawn Mimosa
    Tinuviel Signe Atalanta

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    No way I can give more suggestions! I'll try to make some combos based on your very vivid imagery, which is very helpful!

    Ceridwen Chione

    Belphoebe Maris Nephele

    Illyria Niniane Wilde (this one is my favorite! I love the way this sounds.... At least I hope I am pronouncing it right)

    Hespera Ariadne Lune

    Tinuviel Fawn Evenstar

    Good luck! I am enjoying this! I wish I were more creative!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Thanks so much you two!

    southernmaple: i love Ceridwen Tindra Snow, adorable!

    dindlee: Illyria Niniane Wilde is gorgeous, love it!!

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    Is it possible to have a namgasm? Because, reading through your descriptions, I think I just did!

    The first one that struck me was:
    Ceridwen Tindra Wilde

    Hespera Ariandne Lune

    Belpheope Niniane Snow

    Beautiful choices!
    Under construction...

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