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    Belphoebe: winter evening in the forest, full moon, whispy clouds, starlight, light breezes, rivers.

    Belphoebe Briar Wood
    Belphoebe Wispriver Lune
    Belphoebe Atalune Moor
    Belphoebe Winterwood Wisp

    Ceridwen: frosty winter day, twinkling snow, frosty naked trees, pale sunlight.

    Ceridwen Sundance Frost
    Ceridwen Sunrise Frost
    Ceridwen Lumos Frost
    Ceridwen Winter Sol

    Hespera: lush dark green garden in the evening. purple and pink flowers, birdsong.

    Hespera Sommerset Rose
    Hespera Alouette Briar
    Hespera August Bloom
    Hespera Leonie Thalassa

    Illyria: meadows and creeks, honeysuckle and lavender, sunshine. little bunnies jumping around.

    Illyria Lavender Shire/Shine
    Illyria Honeysuckle Shire/Shine
    Illyria Felicity Burblebrook
    Illyria Felicity Shire/Shine

    Tinuviel: dark pink sunset, stars coming out, still water and leafy trees, in summer. (Someone amazing and wonderful suggested Tinuviel Ori Ondine)

    Tinuviel Twila Rush (rush is the name of a forest in a world of fairys in a book I read)
    Tinuviel Raspery Thicket
    Tinuviel Verdant Sommer
    Tinuviel Radiant Stillwater
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    Thank you sweetie, I love Illyria Honerysuckle Shine, so cute! I need to use Honeysuckle... Ceridwen Sundance Frost is stunning as well!
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    So Ottilie, just curious.. Where are you in this process? Still enjoying all the collecting, or are you overwhelmed by the wash of glorious names that's pouring from/to you? Have you found one or two combinations you keep coming back to? Are you going to make a list of finalists and narrow it down? Will you throw out some of your very favorites so we can get an even clearer sense of what you respond to most in terms of rhythm, balance, imagery? I know you have scraps of paper floating around your house. Your refrigerator must look like the chalkboard in A Beautiful Mind!

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    Hey, my fridge is pretty neat actually! Pink and shiny!

    These are our favourites:

    Belphoebe Olwen Evenstar
    Belphoebe Astraea Mist
    Belphoebe Winterose Mist
    Belphoebe Silversnow Maris

    Ceridwen Chione Solenne
    Ceridwen Chione Winterose
    Ceridwen Winterose Mist
    Ceridwen Lumi Chione
    Ceridwen Sunniva Eirlys

    Hespera Evenstar Avis
    Hespera Silmarien Avis
    Hespera Evenstar Wilde
    Hespera Oriel Fieldrush

    Illyria Charis Terpsichore
    Illyria Charis Meadowsweet
    Illyria Charis Honeysuckle
    Illyria Charis Fieldrush

    Tinuviel Ori Ondine
    Tinuviel Endellion Fieldrush
    Tinuviel Alcyone Ondine
    Tinuviel Ophelia Maris
    Tinuviel Aurora Fieldrush
    Tinuviel Honeysuckle Glow

    I find it so hard to throw them out! Illyria is the one most under control, we just need to decide the second middle.

    Thoughts, ideas, strokes of genius?
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Oh my goodness, this is so much harder than the boys....

    I think I'm going to list my vetoes first, as there are so many lovelies that it's easier to see what I don't like as much than to decide what I love best.
    Ceridwen Winterose Mist - because the -wen/Win- is repetitive and rather a mouthful
    Hespera Evenstar Avis - the -ra/Ev- is slightly repetitive, but with the Ev and Av it's even more so. And I prefer Wilde over Avis
    Tinuviel Honeysuckle Glow - The feeling I get from Tinuviel's meaning and associations is less whimsical and more hushed awe. I feel like pairing it with Honeysuckle and Glow takes it in a more cutesy frivolous direction

    Vetoes of a picky personal nature:
    Ceridwen Sunniva Eirlys - not a fan of Sunniva, although I love Eirlys.
    Belphoebe Winterose Mist - despite my love affair with Winterose, I think that Winterose Mist is a little too intense with the word names, and has the potential to not be taken seriously. I hate to see this one go, but I think some of the other combos are stronger and more substantial
    Hespera Silmarien Avis - Really picky now. I'm just not feeling Avis. I LOVE Silmarien though...Maybe Hespera Silmarien Wilde?
    Ceridwen Chione Solenne - Again with the really picky. I'm not familiar with Solenne, and I don't love it enough to justify the repetitive hard C's in this combo.
    Ceridwen Lumi Chione - I like Ceridwen Chione Winterose better. (yay! One narrowed down!)
    Illyria Charis Fieldrush - I love Fieldrush, but I like it better in some of the other combos.
    Illyria Charis Honeysuckle - Again, I'm not feeling the frivolity of Honeysuckle. Isn't Vivendel a honeysuckle reference? I like Illyria Charis Vivendel SO much more. It has that summery sweetness, as well as the twirling playfulness of Virelai and the liveliness of Vivian
    Tinuviel Endellion Fieldrush / Tinuviel Aurora Fieldrush - These are glorious, but I think Hespera has stolen the Fieldrush combo for me!

    My gosh, this is hard! I think I'm developing some favorites though.

    Belphoebe Olwen Evenstar, Belphoebe Astraea Mist, Belphoebe Silversnow Maris - these are all gorgeous, amazing, and spot on with your imagery. I really couldn't narrow these further until the rest of list has been pared down.

    Ceridwen Chione Winterose - this has emerged as my favorite Ceridwen combo, although I like some of the other options well enough

    Hespera Evenstar Wilde, Hespera Oriel Fieldrush* - I think the former fits so perfectly into your imagery, and the latter almost makes me love Hespera, even though it's been my least favorite option throughout! Edit: the more I think about it, the more I've got to give this one to Hespera Oriel Fieldrush. This name is giving me goosebumps!

    Illyria Charis Meadowsweet - I think I have to go with this one as my favorite. I know Terpsichore is your favorite muse, and this would be a good place to use her, but I personally like Meadowsweet much more. Unless Vivendel is on the table in place of Honeysuckle! Illyria Charis Vivendel rocks my socks

    Tinuviel Ori Ondine - I have a feeling this is your favorite, because it has consistently shown up in your Tinuviel posts. I'll say the same thing I said about Belphoebe...if it's coming back this often, that tells me that you truly love it and should not let it go. I'd move this one into the top ten.
    Tinuviel Alcyone Ondine, Tinuviel Ophelia Maris - These are both gorgeous and I have a hard time narrowing them further. I like Maris better with Belphoebe, but Ophelia is too all-encompassingly perfect to pass up. I just have a feeling you like Tinuviel Ori Ondine more.

    Sorry for being so all over the place!!! Hope my scattered musings prove helpful
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