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    I'm going to be fussy, in the hope of helping you cull.

    Belphoebe Olwen Evenstar
    Belphoebe Astraea Mist
    Belphoebe Winterose Mist
    Belphoebe Silversnow Maris - With a last name something like "Ells," I like the flow of this one most. I think the Astraea Mist combination is gorgeous, but could be a little hissy with your last name. What about Belphoebe Astraea Maris? Maris flows into "Ells" better than Mist.. Or Belphoebe Olwen Astraea/ Belphoebe Astraea Olwen? Belphoebe Astraea Wilde?

    Ceridwen Chione Solenne- very pretty, but I like Winterose better for you, or the Eirlys combination.
    Ceridwen Chione Winterose- Yes
    Ceridwen Winterose Mist- Same issue with the "st" sound and your last name.
    Ceridwen Lumi Chione- I'm not feeling the repeated "umi-onee" sounds in this one.
    Ceridwen Sunniva Eirlys- Yes

    Hespera Evenstar Avis- somehow this one sounds flat to me, in my American accent.
    Hespera Silmarien Avis- I dunno.. to me, the meaning of Avis is lovelier than the sound. Silmarien is great though. Hespera Silmarien Wilde?
    Hespera Evenstar Wilde- Yes. Love Wilde with Hespera.
    Hespera Oriel Fieldrush- Yes. Fieldrush is beautiful. Oriel - "golden," plus the association with orioles.

    Illyria Charis Terpsichore- Yes. Muse of the dance.. love the "core" sound leading into your last name.
    Illyria Charis Meadowsweet- Yes. Love the direct imagery of Meadowsweet. Such a fragrant name.
    Illyria Charis Honeysuckle- No to honeysuckle for me. Anything-suckle for that matter.
    Illyria Charis Fieldrush- I want to say yes, but I prefer your Hespera Fieldrush combo.

    Tinuviel Ori Ondine- Yes.
    Tinuviel Endellion Fieldrush- Yes!
    Tinuviel Alcyone Ondine- Yes
    Tinuviel Ophelia Maris- I can't get behind Ophelia
    Tinuviel Aurora Fieldrush- I find Aurora impossible to say, though the image is wonderful. I like Endellion better.
    Tinuviel Honeysuckle Glow- Sounds like a self-tanner.

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    You are really helpful, Emms and Sessh, this might happen sooner than I thought! You're dead on about Mist, Maris and Avis, they sound terrible with surname. I don't always think that far... anyway, boyfriend brought another suggestion or two based on your constructive critique:

    Belphoebe Maris Evenstar?????????
    Ceridwen Chione Winterose or Ceridwen Sol Winterose or Ceridwen Sunna Winterose
    Hespera Silmarien Wilde or Hespera Evenstar Wilde or Hespera Silmarien Fieldrush
    Illyria Charis Terpsichore or Meadowsweet or Vivendel
    Tinuviel Endellion Fieldrush or Tinuviel Ori Ondine
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    Giving sole custody of Fieldrush to Hespera because of the Oriel combo, and limiting Evenstar to Belphoebe, since I'm only allowing a top two of each FN and I already have my Hespera loves. Plus Hespera and Evenstar in the same combo is a bit redundant? Using Ells as the placeholder LN. Also bringing in a new Tinuviel combo, since Fieldrush is gone to Hespera, and Eirlys with Ceridwen so I wouldn't have two Winterose combos. Modified Sol to your previous Solenne, because I looked up the pronunciation and like the flow.

    That leaves me with these revised favorites:
    Belphoebe Olwen Evenstar Ells
    Belphoebe Silver Astraea Ells (I can't choose Maris over Astraea, I can't use Astraea and Evenstar in the same combo, and Silversnow Astraea was getting too long. So this is the result!)

    Ceridwen Solenne Winterose Ells
    Ceridwen Eirlys Chione Ells

    Hespera Oriel Fieldrush Ells
    Hespera Silmarien Wilde Ells

    Illyria Charis Viviendel Ells (this is made of epic win)
    Illyria Charis Meadowsweet Ells

    Tinuviel Ori Ondine Ells
    Tinuviel Winsome Endellion Ells (I almost brought back Tinuviel Dusk Ofelia, but I wanted to still use Endellion for you I do think it's a little much with Ells though.)
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    Surname isn't exactly Ells, there are some more letters thrown in there. And we might go with mine instead, which star with a w and ends in -s. We haven't quite decided yet.

    I really like Belphoebe Silver Astraea, it's very pretty. Boyfriend says no to Winsome, he think it sounds stupid He also says no to hebrew names, so Ori is out (he wants religion neutral names).

    I think Ceridwen Chione Winterose is our favourite Ceridwen combo.

    Illyria Charis + Vivendel/Meadowsweet/Terpsichore

    Hespera Silmarien Fieldrush

    We need help with Tinuviel and Belphoebe. I'd love Endellion or Ondine with Tinuviel, and Evenstar or Elentari with Belphoebe, but it's a wish not a requirement.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Whoa my goodness I will give you my short and sweet list on here in hopes that it will help you, and I'll come back and elaborate when I have more time/it's narrowed down a bit further. I think I left all my creativity over on the boy's page. =]

    1)Hespera Silmarien Fieldrush
    2)Illyria Charis Vivendel
    3)Ceridwen Chione Winterose

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    We need help with Tinuviel and Belphoebe. I'd love Endellion or Ondine with Tinuviel, and Evenstar or Elentari with Belphoebe, but it's a wish not a requirement.
    I do really like Belphoebe Maris Evenstar. And I definitely understand about the neutral religion names so I will try to help out replacing Ori... In the morning. =]

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