View Poll Results: FINAL Poll: Camille, Catherine vs Constance

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  • Camille

    65 47.45%
  • Catherine (mn Jane or London, nn Kit)

    51 37.23%
  • Constance (nn Kit)

    34 24.82%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Baby Due Today: Camille, Catherine vs Constance

    I think the overwhelming majority loves Catherine Jane (mn Jane vs double first name?) for our baby girl. I believe the baby will come in the next day or so based on my experiences last night. I must reach out to my Newberry community one last time. Many are familiar with my situation of a sibling for Stanton Benedict. Catherine Jane and Constance were front runners in the poll. But, we had difficultly making Catherine as unique as Stanton Benedict. Although beautiful in its own right, it's not as unique as Stanton. I kept trying to pair it with another name without success. I love the nn Kit for either Constance or Catherine/Katherine. I came across Camille yesterday, so the last vote goes out for the following names:

    Constance (potential tongue twister with our last name, prounounced Cha-cow-ski))
    Catherine (mn Jane, London or Jane London)
    Camille (mn ?, could be Jane, London, Katherine?... open to options)

    Today might be the day. So please Newberries, help us to find the perfect name for our little girl!

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    I love Constance as a sibling for Stanton If it doesn't sound right with your last name my second favourite is Camille. Good luck! I hope everything goes wonderfully as you welcome your little girl.
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    Camille Noemi (No-ay-me or No-ah-me)
    Camille Genevra
    both sound lovely!

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    Constance! I love Catherine too, but Constance is so stunning and special. Good luck!

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    I voted for Camille. so pretty and not too common so unique like your son.
    Constance is pretty too. my second favorite.
    Catherine is pretty but very common if you are okay with that.

    congrats and good luck!

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