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    Alistephe - that was the plan and everyone knew it. I had her for about 2 minutes before they took her away, despite my protests. No problems that had to be attended to or anything. Very frustrating, and DD never would breast feed. Of course that has more to do with no one being able to recognize tongue tie when they see it. Oi!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    With all due respect, everything you said in this post is factually incorrect. As in, completely false, not open to misinterpretation, bias or differences of opinion, but false. They are all very tired talking points amongst the natural childbirth community, but untrue.
    After conducting around 45 interviews with women who have given birth in the last 5 years and attending 6 births in 3 states in the last 2 months alone, I am going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with you here. All of the research and personal experience I have acquired would support what I said. Your responses are usually very well thought out and evidence based, but this one was truely lacking. I understand that you are a resident surgeon and so this isn't exactly your area of expertise. Since most of the births you have attended were probably high risk and in need of interventions, I'm sure you have a skewed view on the matter. In my experience, working with low risk mothers, I have seen some increadibly alarming "standard procedures" cause more harm than good. And only once have I seen a birthing tub available in hospital btw( and only 5 times in interview).So no, that is not standard care in the US. Maybe you misunderstood, I am not saying the US has a shoddy model of care in the grand scheme of things. But when it comes to L&D, we most certainly are decades behing where we need to be. That doesn't mean hospital birth is a bad thing, it just means it isn't always the best thing either. That statement of course varies in factuality from hospital to hospital. I am just speaking for the majority.

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