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    Unassisted Birth

    Has anyone on here had an unassisted birth or know anyone that has? Was it by choice or necessity? Would you do it again? What are your opinions on the matter? I'd love to hear your stories! It is something I have become inceasingly interested in since I began my doula and lay midwife training.

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    I have not but do have friends who have done it. I live in an area where there are many mw's who are able and willing to be there with you at home or in the hospital. I at one time though UC birth might be for me until I had my third. My first two were born in the hospital and my third at home. But he got stuck. Seriouslt stuck. I had zero risk factors (upright during labor and pushing, etc) but he still got stuck. Thank goodness I hadnot only a MW extreamly skilled in handing shoulder distocia and her assistant there too, but they had everything needed to handle him afterwards and he is 6 and healthy with no issues. My foyrth was born at home with a mw and this baby unless there is a reason to transfer will be to. For me, whois a big believer in births being "hands off" (when mom and baby are fine of course) UC just is nothing I have any desire to do. I know my friends who in my "crunchy birth world" wear their UC births like a badge of courage or something, but, to me, at the risk of sounding judgemental, its putting bot you and your baby at risk. Sure reading on UC birth stories for 9 months and taking your own blood pressure and peeing on the pee strips may *seem* like preperation to some, but imho, its not, no matter how much you belueve your body will grown and birth the baby fine there is always that unknown. The baby with the heart defect, the twins with twin to twin transfusion, the refusal of rhogham after the first UC birth causing the death of the seconds child concieved, GBS positive nottreated, placenta issue...all of these and more. Trust me, I consider myself hands off, but I like blood tests, ultrasounds, my rhogham, mw tracking me and knowing that she has had years of experience handling births where as I have given birth yes, but would never consider myself able to handle the things that she can and does.

    Thats my 2 cents of course. I do see the appeal of HB which is why I choose to have them, 5 minutes from the hospital, with my MW here.
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    I have a few friends that went this route, but I had the total opposite experience (in a hospital, epi, dr, ect).

    Now I wonder how the hell my hippie friends did it!

    I have a friend who was in labor for a few days & finally gave birth just her & her boyfriend on a renovated school bus in the woods somewhere! Her other son she had in a house with other friends around who had had a home birth but no midwife. Another friend had two kids at home, one just among family & friends, one with the help of an "illegal" midwife...they can't practice in ny state at least not at that time.

    No horror stories, no after-care at a hospital, no traditional prenatal care...

    Not my thing at all, but I don't judge it. Just a very different lifestyle than mine! If I were to really think about it there are aspects of it I admire & respect & aspects I find totally insane & careless!

    These friends of mine were very lucky though. I am not suggesting anyone else try this!!

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    Never. I had my first daughter as a c-section (emergency) and my next is going to be c-section as well. I'm definitely NOT cutting myself open.

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    I had a friend that didn't make it in time for her midwife to arrive and ended up delivering with just her husband and doula. She was very lucky and everything went smoothly.

    If I would have had an unassisted birth I likely would have died, and maybe my son too. He had his cord wrapped around his neck, but not too tightly so he was fine, but it could have been much worse. I had a massive postpartum hemorrhage minuted after birth. If it weren't for rapid intervention to stop the blood loss and replace it I wouldn't have made it.

    I know people like to think that those things would never happen to them, or that it was somehow caused by my own fault for having interventions, but it wasn't. It just happened, it was unexpected and scary. I'm very glad I gave birth somewhere that had the capabilities to save my life. I'm sure my son is too.

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