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    Middle Name for Elliott

    I have been planning on naming my baby Elliott Grey (last name starts with B) for forever and I just found out there is a character in 50 Shades of Grey with that name. I'm heartbroken! Would everyone that heard his name immediately think of that book or is it still ok to use?
    If the name has been tainted, do you have any suggestions for other one syllable middle names to go with Elliott?

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    No, I don't think people will immediately think of Elliott. Maybe if you were naming him Christian Grey - the main character, but Elliott Grey is safe IMO.
    If the name is tainted in your mind, how about:

    Elliott Rhys B.
    Elliott Fox B.
    Elliott Clive B.
    Elliott Lane B.
    Elliott Reid B.
    Elliott Drew B.
    Elliott Zane B.
    Elliott Chance B.
    Elliott Dean B.
    Elliott Jax B.

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    Elliott Grey is fine.

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    I don't think everyone will think of it. It's not the main character, and even if people did, that book will die down soon and no one is likely to say anything. Elliott Grey is so handsome!

    In case you decide you can't do it:

    Elliott Nathaniel
    Elliott Cole
    Elliott Pierce
    Elliott Quinn
    Elliott Blake -- My Amazon Author Page

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