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    I'm a sucker for Christmas names being a close-to-Christmas baby myself (Dec. 20th)! I don't have a Christmas name but I'm in LOVE with Noelle. I think it's so pretty. I'm leaning toward it as a middle name regardless of the time of year the baby's born (assuming we have a girl). I think Holly and Bethany are nice too.
    And please for the love don't let cheap relatives get away with giving that kid one birthday/Christmas gift!
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    Natalie would be a nice, subtle Christmas name!
    I don't have or want any kids. I just love names!

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    I also love Russian and Irish names, as well as the names of many cities and countries.

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    I don't celebrate Christmas, but i can tell you that it's really common for Jewish families to give kids names that have to do with the time of year, especially if they're born on or close to a holiday - lots of boys named Eliyahu (Elijah) are born around Passover, and there are a gajillion names to do with light that are big for Chanukah babies. If my DD had been born a week later (on Purim), she'd probably have been named Hadassah. No one thinks it's cheesy, it's normal.

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    Sarah, I love Welsh names. I was fortunate enough to visit Wales as a graduation present when I was 17 and it was the most amazing country in the world. I love Eira and Olwen, so pretty. Also a Welsh name would match nicely w/ our other daughter's scottish name. PS so neat we have the same due date! We will have to keep eachother posted when the babies come. In one way I'm hoping to go a bit early and be home before Christmas but part of me loves Christmas so much that I think it would be so special to have the baby at Christmas!

    There are so many nice ideas here. I love to have more fresh ideas for inspiration. Thanks so much to everyone. I want to have lots to draw from if baby born at Christmas, even if just for middle name.
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    For a really out there name there is Saturnalia, the Roman solstice celebration where most non-religious aspects of Christmas come from red and green, people shaped cookies, and I'm pretty sure bringing a tree inside. As far as more traditional names in this genre go, I really like Noelle!

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