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    Congratulations - I'm due December 23rd as well. We're getting close!

    Do you like Welsh names? Eira (snow), Olwen (white footprint), and Gwen (white, fair, blessed) all come to mind as lovely winter names. We actually considered Olwen for a middle name for one of our picks, and may still end up using it. (I mentioned in another post that Susan would be our middle name after my husband's mom, but we have one first name option that is a variation of Susan - this is the name we'd use a different middle name for.) I think these are more understated ways of recognizing the season without crossing over into "cheesy" territory.

    I'm not brave enough to use it, but my husband loves the name North (mentioned by PP), and I've been seeing it more and more lately...could be an option for a more daring soul than I am.

    Best of luck to you in these last weeks!

    P.S. Clara is also beautiful - if my husband liked it, it would definitely be on my list!
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    I LOVE Natalie for a girl born near/on Christmas. So classic and gorgeous.
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    I think names should have meaning, and if that meaning is related to the time of year a baby was born then there is nothing wrong with it. I wouldn't consider it cheesy at all. The actual birth of a baby is a pretty meaningful event and definitely could be the inspiration for a name.

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    I think its a lovely idea, I don't think its too cheesy at all

    I know three babies/grown women who were born around Christmas - They are called Holly, Carol and Eve (She was born on Christmas Eve). I think their names are lovely when you know the meaning
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    My mom and soon to be brother in law were born on Christmas and they do not have Christmas names. I know that my mom is very glad because though she likes Christmas she was always ripped off with presents and never actually had her birthday separated from Christmas. I understand that this might not apply to everyone born around Christmas but, I really think strongly about this cause I grew up with a Mom who was always sad on her birthday because no one did anything special. I do special things now that I'm older and can actually surprise her without my dad's help. I guess the best I can describe it is that because she was born that day no one ever gave her birthday gifts just Christmas gifts and she never had a birthday party it was always a Christmas themed party. So I wouldn't use a Christmas themed name since your baby's birthday will always fall on/around Christmas and will be associated enough with Christmas as it is.
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