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    I like Noelle a lot but for some reason, Noella is a very common name where I live in the french community. I never really liked Noella much but I do find Noelle prettier. Natalie is also very pretty. I never knew it was a Christmas name until I started googling Christmas names! I never would've known
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    catloverd Guest
    It's cheesey imo, but a cute kind of cheesey, I think people come to expect you to give your baby a christmasy name if it was born near Christmas.

    Some suggestions:
    Mary/Marie/Maria - if your religious, otherwise prob not
    Virginia - same as above
    Angel/Angela/Angelique/Angelina - same as above
    Gabriella - same as above
    Gloria - same as above
    Claire/Clara- Nutcracker
    Snow - too obvious?
    Nicole - Saint Nick/Santa
    Carol - too obvious?
    Clarice - female reindeer in Rudolph
    Natala - born at Christmas
    Natalii - born at Christmas
    Scarlet - red is a Christmas color
    Jovie - from the movie Elf
    Cindy - The Grinch
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    Winter Gabrielle
    Holiday Clarice

    Those were the only ones I could think of. I hope that they aren't too obvious to you!

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    I love Clara from the nutcracker as I loooove ballet and Nutcracker is one of my faves. My husband didn't like Clara though. Clarice is cute after the Rudolph except that I also think Silence of the Lambs ahha Love's one of my top names if she's born really close to Christmas. Can't use Mary or any variation as my first daughter is already Mhairi (gaelic for Mary).
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    Lux (all of the lights)
    Ever (green)
    Lotus &Eulalie

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