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  • Poppy Isla Katherine

    10 22.22%
  • Poppy Katherine Isla

    7 15.56%
  • Poppy Isla

    3 6.67%
  • Poppy Jane

    17 37.78%
  • Poppy Lorraine

    8 17.78%
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    Which middle name for Poppy?

    Which do you prefer for a middle name(s) for Poppy? Isla and Katherine have significance to me, Lorraine and Jane I just love.

    Poppy Isla Katherine
    Poppy Katherine Isla
    Poppy Isla
    Poppy Jane
    Poppy Lorraine

    Also, what are your overall opinions on the name Poppy? Thanks!

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    I must say I like Poppy Jane the most. Poppy is straightforward, grounded in the present. It's fun and cheerful, and poppies are wonderful flowers.... To me the important thing about Poppy here is that it's a carpe diem name, as is Jane. Isla and Lorraine are graceful, but they both look to the side, if you know what I mean. Katherine feels heavy next to Poppy, but it does have a nice clarity and groundedness.
    Poppy Jane
    Poppy Kate

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    Poppy itself isn't really my style, but I can why it would appeal to others. I voted for Poppy Lorraine because Jane and Isla don't seem to balance out the short length of Poppy out as well, yet Katherine looks a tad too cumbersome next to it.
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    I voted for Lorraine. I'm not fond of two middles and I think Lorraine is a lovely choice.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really love Poppy Isla Katherine! Very sweet.
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