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    Along that vein, do you have a favorite Christmas movie? While I don't love Eloise, I LOVE Eloise at Christmastime, and it would be a cute namesake. My favorite Christmas movie ever is Miracle on 34th Street, while I don't love Susan, I might consider Lily, Shoshana, or even Susanna as a nod to her.

    There's also:

    Lucy (Charlie Brown and Santa Clause 2--although with Santa Clause 2, I think more of Liliana, since that's the actress's actual name)
    Iris (The Holiday--not a traditional Christmas movie, haha, but one of my favorites! I love that movie, haha)
    Annabelle (Annabelle's Wish)

    Those are just a few I can think of now, a lot of the girls in Christmas movies seem to have dated names Karen (Frosty the Snowman), Carol (Santa Clause 2), etc.
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    I'm almost a Christmas baby myself, (my birthday's next week-I was born two weeks before Christmas), and earned myself the middle name Christine. I love it- Michaila Christine (after my dad, Michael). So of course I'm partial to Christine, especially as a middle name. It stands out among the Maries, Anns, and Lyns of my friends, but isn't completely crazy. Christina also makes a pretty first name.
    Then of course, there's Natalie, (born at Christmas) Noella "Ella" (which would fit right in with the current trend if that sparks your interest) Eve, Angelina/Angel, Gabrielle, Belle, Gloria, and Clara. Eira and Caroline would also be subtle choices. Joy, Nichole, or Evangeline are also nice.

    You could name her Eva Christine- Eve of Christmas.
    Eira Belle- "beautiful snow" (well, technically, "snow beautiful" no pun intended!)
    Noella Joy
    Caroline Gabrielle
    Clara Glory/Gloria Clare
    Gloria Christine
    Evangaline Clare
    Natalia Eve

    You could always use Noel or Holly as a middle name. I'm actually kind of partial to Holly, but I can see how it could get cheesy around Christmas. I don't feel that Christine, Joy, or Gloria/Glory (LOVE Glory- once read a book called Morning Glory, and the main character's little sister was named Glory and I thought it was adorable!) would be too out there, especially for a middle name.
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    My favorite Christmas name for a girl is Emmanuelle. Emma or Elle or even Ellie would be cute nns.
    My birthday is 12/24 and I went by my first and middle names - Kate Noel - as a child.
    Coincidentally my son was born last year on 12/22. His name was decided before we were even TTC so there was no negotiating for a Christmas name but I would have considered one in the middle spot if my husband had been up for it. He wasn't.
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    I love this thread! I know some of these names may not be written down as having these meanings on Nameberry; but if any take your fancy, it may be an idea to google them.

    Red - (these don't all mean Red directly, but they have red correlations) Adamina, Coral, Garnet, Robin, Ruby, Rowan, Scarlett, Suri (apparently it can mean red rose) Ula
    Green - Beryl, Esme/Emerald/Esmeralda,
    Gold - Aurora, Christa/Crystal (Gold in Greek,) Dawn, Eldora, Marigold, Ophira, Oracia (prayer or gold)
    Silver (since its one of the things that was brought to Jesus) - Argene, Argenta, Ariana, Arianwen, Eirian, Silvestra, Silver/Sylva (Connects to the evergreen idea)
    Belle names - Amabel, Annabelle, Arabelle, Belinda, Belle/Bella, Christabelle, Maribel (star of the sea)
    Light - Alaula, Alcinda, Alina, Alumina, Annot, Anwar, Aonani,Ciana,Ciara, Cindy,Dawn, Elaine, Eleanor, Elena, Eliora, Ellen
    Fulgencia, Helen, Ilene,Leora, Lucia/Luciana, Lumina, Meira, Onella, Phoebe, Roshan, Thea
    Star - Altaira, Asta/Astor, Citali, Csilla, Dannica, Estelle/Estella, Esther, Hesper, Hester, Itzel, all forms of Mary as well, Nova, Sescheta (Egyptian goddess of the stars,) Sidra, Starla, Starling, Tara, Twyla, Vesper/Vespera, Wynstelle
    White - Alba, Alva, Arianwen, Bianca, Elva, Gwen, Ivory, Jennifer, Nola, Whitley, Whitney,
    Snow - Eira, Eirwen, Neiva, Neva,
    Ice - Chrystal/Crystal, Isolde, JanICE (I hate this name, aha)
    Evergreen - Cinnamon (way too out there!, ) Ginger,Heather, Ivy, Myrtle,
    Winter - December, January (depending on where you live!) Cora (goddess who lives in the underworld in Winter,) Perdita (Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale)
    Candle - Candelaria, Chandelle, Chandler, Chaney, Nera
    Fire - Aida, Aithne, Ardea, Blaise, Edana, Enya, Mckenna/Mackenzie, Tandy, Vesta.
    Prayer - Anina, Hannah, Hosannah, Osanna
    Angel - Angela, Angeline, Angelina, Angel, Gabrielle/Gabriella, Celine/Celina, Celeste,
    Song - Carmen, Carol, Daina, Gita, Avis/Mavis, Odele, Ranita, Raina,
    God related names - Ada, Adlai, Amadea, Amaris, Arella, Eliora, Elsa,Emmanuelle/Emmanuella, Gianna, Katriel, Michaela, Odelia, Samantha, Theodora, Tiffany, Uriela,
    Symbols of Christmas - Dove, Joy, Holly, Grace, Noel/Noelle/Noella, Natalie/Natalie, Christian and all is variations, Serene/Serena, Glory/Gloria/Glorianna
    As well as Mary, Joseph, etc.
    There is also people in literary classics or famous stories and films, like as some people have mentioned Clara or Marie (in some verisons,) EloiseEden
    Sorry I know there are repeats; but I got carried away! Hope it helps!
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