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    I said it as Ah-nuh-lease or On-Elise. To me, Annalise would be Ann-elise. I much prefer the Anneliese spelling whether you pronounce it Ann or On or the German way, which is Ahn-uh-lee-zuh. I don't really care for the name Margo/Margot but it sounds okay with any of the pronunciations. Anneliese is 3rd on my list, by the way!
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    I think the spelling Analise is horrible b/c it's impossible not to see anal. That said, I LOVE the name and it's def one of my faves but I prefer the spelling Anneliese..same prn. Anne-uh-leese.
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    As French is my second native language I consider Anne to be the English "Ay-un" and Ane to be the French "On". So, for me, Analise would be on-uh-lease and Annaliese would be ay-un-uh-leez. I pronounce the "lise/liese" more of a "leez" than a "lease"

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    I say Ahn-uh-leese and it is one of my favorite names.
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    Ann-uh-lees , annelies was anne franks real name and margot was her sister. Not neccassarily a problem as they were wonderful people, but it's the first thing I think when I see the names

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