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    Best M name suggestions!?

    I feel I have searched high and low but just looking for some more inspiration. What are people's most very fave M girl names?
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    Melusine, Meadowsweet and Miranda are my absolute favourites. I also love Mimosa, Melpomene, Mythily, Marion and Meredith.

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    I love:

    Marian (Like Maid Marion from Robin Hood. For some reason, I prefer it with two a's. I think they used to use Marion for boys in the past.)

    Muriel (it means "bright sea". Also two famous writers share this name: Muriel Sparks & Muriel Barberry)

    Margot (It's French and just strikes me as so classy.)

    Mariel (I like variations of Mary. Also, Mariel Hemingway wore it well.)

    Mabel (It's charmingly vintage)

    Miriam (I'm not a huge fan of biblical names, but I like this one. I also like its meaning: "wished for child".)

    Mercy (A lot of people are naming their daughters Grace, but I really prefer this virtue name over that. I think it's so beautiful.)

    Maureen (I might be swayed to liking this name because of Maureen O'Hara... she's one of my favorite actresses. I love her sass.)

    Mirabel (Generally I don't like the -belle endings, but I do like this one. Maybe because it's shorter than -belle? I don't know. I just find it elegant.)

    Maisie (Another sweet nature name. Or it could be a nickname for Margaret if you prefer that.)

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