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    Sophisticated Boys Name with Cute Nicknames

    Title says it all. I want something sophisticated sounding but has a cute/cool nickname while he's younger. Older sister's are Sophia Charlotte & Camille Rose

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    Hmm. Not sure how sophisticated some of these are, but some thoughts...

    Charles (Arlo, Chaz)
    Everett (Revy, Rhett)
    Barrett, Orion, Orson, Arthur, Theodore (Bear, Teddy)
    Robert (Robby, Bobby, Bertie)
    Frederick, Fitzwilliam (Fritz)
    Hawthorne (Hawk)
    Quentin (V - like the Roman numeral for 5)
    Barnaby (Barney, Barnes, Arno, Abe)
    Miles (Milo)
    Desmond (Desi, Dizzy)
    Sullivan (Sully, Van)
    Alexander (Xan, Anders, Alec, Ali)
    Lincoln (Linc, Cole)
    Macallister, Macadam, Macon... (Mack, Mickey, Max)
    Monroe (Moe)
    Rochester (Rocky, Rocco, Ches)
    Winslow (Win/Winnie)
    Marshall, Marston, Marden (Mars)
    Nicholas (Nico, Cole)

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    Trying to think of some that haven't been mentioned above:

    Solomon (Solly)
    Nathaniel (Nate, Nat)
    Sebastian (Seb, Bas)
    Oliver (Ollie)
    Theodore (Theo, Ted, Teddy)

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    Mom to Luke Edwin and Virginia Noemi

    Current Favourites:
    Adam, Eli, Henry, Levi, Leo, Miles, Milo, Nigel, Owen, Quincy, Sidney, Tristan, Stellan, Wyatt
    Estella, Magnolia, Sadie, Evangeline, Annabel, Josephine

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