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    Sorry, this is kinda off topic. Are there any other 12 year old (non-troll)members

    Okay, I'm a little offended by how people talk about 12 year olds on this website. I'm sure they're not trying to offend anyone or anything, but still, not all 12 year olds are trolls. Any other 12 year olds here? Any? (Okay, I probably shouldn't be worried because I'm almost 13, but I'm kind of curious.) And so I'm not completely off topic... what was your favorite girl name when you were 12?

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    I am not 12, obviously. But I wouldn't worry about those comments, there are a lot of preteens and teens that love names (I know because I am one of them) out there, and we understand that most of them are not trolls. And to answer your question, my favorite name when I was twelve was Michael and Olivia.
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    I just turned fourteen, do I count? Overall, I think the teen berries have been graciously welcomed by all the older berries. I've always felt accepted and safe, and never hurt or inferior because of my age. A lot of the conversations here are probably more civilized or understandable than a normal twelve year old's conversation with her friends (or a conversation with my friends), so a troll is spotted quickly and assumed to be young because that's their maturity level. I don't think anyone means to offend anyone when talking about "twelve-year old trolls." You're just more mature than the twelve year old's they talk about.

    Hmm. Well since fourth grade, my favorite girl's name was Eloise. So that. But I was also, for some odd reason, loving Annabel and Phoebe. I loved the vibe I got from them, the two words I can think of to describe it are blue and round. I just got a feeling I liked about them. I can't think of any others I loved, but I'm so happy my taste has evolved so much!

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    Hmm, when I was twelve, I think Nikki Cheyenne was my favourite girls combo at the time. I mostly named characters in that era of my life, so I didn't really have that many ultimate favourites. I remember really loving Danielle nn Dani in 7th/8th grade.
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    I'm getting on 3x 12, but I have respect for our mature teen/pre-teen berries. Certainly I loved names when I was 12. I just didn't have the internet yet! I did have Pam and Linda's book though since age 8.

    I really don't remember what I liked at 12, sadly. My memories of favorites only goes back a few years and I don't tend to keep lists. But at 8 I remember loving Shoshana. Knew nothing of the names cultural ties at the time, just read it and loved the sound. Still like it but like others more now, although I've recently been on a Lily kick, which is related by meaning.

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