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    I'm not twelve anymore, but I was obsessed with names back then too. I'm 18 now, and my taste in names has definitely changed quite a bit, but my love for names has stayed. I think the majority of twelve year olds on this site are avid name lovers, and I dont discriminate based on age. Anyways, my favorite girls name when I was twelve was Isabella. I still love it, but its way to popular now, and I'd never use it. My favorite boys name was Matthew. I was an unimaginative child. Lol. XD
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    When I was 12ish, I remember loving the names Zoe and Phoebe that I had read in a book set in Greece. Then years later Phoebe was a character on the show "Friends" and Zoe became common, so there went those names.

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    I love all the names in my sig.
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    I think some people have a problem with teens or preteens on here is that when most of us were 12 we just kept our name lists on paper. I am only 21 but I still would have never gone on a name website because that was not as popular or accessable. I don't have a problem with any of you on here and I don't think most other people do either. Don't worry about it. Its just a different time now and people aren't used to that.... So my favorite names when I was 12 were Raegan and Matthew I believe.

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    I was in your shoes! I'm older now, but Im glad to see others who liked names when they were (are) young! When I was 12, my favourite names were Victoria and Jason. at least from what I can remember lol.
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