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    When I was 12, (15 now) I loved the names Evie and Chantal. 12 is about when people start posting on forums and stuff so maybe that is why it's the go-to age.
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    I think the "12 year old trolls" is a stereo type and people will still take you seriously here regardless of age as long as you don't 'troll'. I'm not 12 but, I did love names when I was 12. We didn't have internet yet so I only new a few names from my mom's baby books. When I was 13/14 my parents got dial up.. *shudders* My favorite names were Emilia and Connor when I was 12. My favorite names have always changed all the time due to meeting people with the names. Back then I didn't know anyone with those names.
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    When I was twelve, and even before then, my favorite names were Maria and Isabella. I still really love them but they are just far too popular for me to go with as a top name contender now.

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    When I was 12, my most favorite name was Melanie. I think it was because I hero worshipped an older girl at my church with that name. I thought she was SO COOL.
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    When I was 12 my favorite names were Adanya and Bianca for girls, Toby and Laurence for boys.

    I didn't have the internet at home at 12 either, my only real name outlet was naming hoards of characters in unfinished stories. I'd also sort of make my own mad libs with books I'd read and fill in new character names.

    EDIT because I didnt really address part of your post--I think it's great that there are so many teens and preteens on these boards and so many of you have amazing taste! It's actually very refreshing when there are members comfortable saying "I'm 12 and I love talking about names and thinking about names for the future" (as you and many others do all the time) instead of pretending to be giving birth to your second set of triplet daughters, haha.
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